Rta m62 tuesday

Anyone know what happened …the news report said two people killed on a stretch of M62 in west yorkshire.

On the Tv it looked like a Hammonds rig green trailer etc…anyone on here work for em.

Looked like a heavy deal to me…can be a reminder sometimes how dangerous this job can be. :unamused: :unamused:

Was sat in the tailbacks from this. took 3.5 hours to get from Bradford to Rotherham news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bradford/5294504.stm

I went through there shorlty before it happened an eerie thought but coming from nights to days i can see why there are so many accidents every day people just drive like ■■■■■■■ idiots all the time, most people seem to forget what the little flashy orange lights on the corners of their vehicles are for.


My guess is its probably the "got to get in front of a lorry " brigade i cant believe some people who MUST get in front of a lorry when they come to a junction, they go flying past and then at the last minute bang the anchors on just to make sure they are in front of you.

And by looking at the picture thats my thought.

I was stuck in it all big style yesterday afternoon. To add insult to injury there were some traffic lights out of action on Chain Bar as well, so not only was the M62 backed up for miles for the crash at Tingley but also you couldn’t get off on the 606 either. Took me 2 hrs to get to work in Leeds which normally takes 20 minutes.

I was just a little bit :angry: .

I got stuck on the westbound side as they had coned it down to one lane where all the traffic was merging from 2 lanes from the nearside.

It looked like the overturned caravan and white van man had cleaned up 3 cars. at the time i passed there was only one heavy truck on the inside lane, the white van on its side in front of it and the cars and burnt out caravan in the 3rd lane. What was the underwater search and rescue team all about?

Dewsbury and Batley were chock a block with vehicles trying to avoid the motorway so I came home through Hopton and dropped onto the M1

It’s for accidents like that i don’t do days anymore .
Not the the thought of being involved in it , just the amount of times i got caught behind accidents like that .

I passed about 8.30am going west. From what I remember at that point there was what looked like a minibus on it’s side, 2 cars, and the Hammond’s motor. T’was certainly a mess. :cry: