Roy Bradford

Yes, Roy Bradford, Dagenham & Barking especially the old lorry park at the junction with the A406/A13
are there any drivers who worked for Roy or Fred Topham. I worked for him in the 80`s, when he had the contract to run Ford Spares/Car parts from Dagenham to Haydapasha in Istanbul, just over the Bosphorus bridge. Of course in the old days we use to use the ferry, till the bridge opened ( not quite the same ) We would still use the Londra Mocamp for parking, until a few guys got together to fight the price increase, where they said the Eastern Bloc drivers would pay much less for their stay. So it was decided that on the next trip, we would move to the new site, it was promised that there would be all the facilities of the Londra, but better. It was concreted, the toilet block was new, with nice showers, and western and eastern toilets, the block was heated, and there was a restaurant.
So would like to hear from anyone on Roys Work, and based at either Barking or the Lorry Park. Alan Woods, Chris Hooper, Tony ( big T ) Gerry, Johnny Bradford ( no relation ) Roger ( rabbit ) just to name a few, the warehouse was run by Ernie and his sons. Ernie used to own a bulldog Mack, and did work for himself for a bit, before running the warehouse. Fred Topham was or became a Partner, but upset Roy when he sold the company ( with Roys permission) to a Bulgarian Company, and Fred was going to run it, but as those who know, you cant outfox an old fox, and once Roy set up again, he was the winner, and the Bulgarians were left without any work. I believe Fred then either set up a company running to Romania, or joined one, but the name slips my mind.

Hello Truckyboy
I was on for Roy for a while, driving the 111 for Jimmy Hassan. Always heavy out and either 5 or more pick-ups in Rumo or wine out of Bulgy. There were only two blokes who used to get the back loads from Istanbul, do you remember ?
The two favourites.
Good job though eh !!
£600 running money and as much Cherry as you could hold and then draw another £600 from the agent in Turk Lira and have to change it all up leaving enough to pay parking etc before leaving Istanbul. Do the job as cheap as you can and keep the change !!
Great load of blokes on there.
Best regards

Hi Gav, yes i knew you were on for roy, but was hoping for a few more names, nice pic of Red Leader One ( alan woods ) and a great pic of me at the bowling alley, that where me and you beat the Wikings , nice to hear from you gav, and i always read your posts. I know you live in the carribean so just enjoy the sun. Im off to my place in Bg on tuesday, and am thinking of getting a bus to Istanbul, and visiting the Londra, and Octay parking, just to see whats there really, ive got a month to kill, and i`m on my own, so no one to tell me what to do, ha ha, see ya later.

Also a great pic of You, Me, Mickey hawkins from catford, Roy haxel etc. The last time i saw alan woods was when i was in hospital in Yugo, woddy took me on a short cut over the yugo mountains, i ended up in hospital, his truck ended up hooked on a crash barrier, overlooking a very steep drop, he ended up moving the trucks to a safe place, and left without saying goodbye, and took all my ■■■■ from the truck.
I ended up in hosp because it was winter, snowing like crazy, and us with no snow chains on, well he was red leader one, and as he went around the bend, skidded, i managed to rtun mine along the good side, and eventually when it stopped, i ran down the hill, fell A over B, and skidded on my arse, and used his rear trailer wheel to stop myself, and did my back in, wher he helped me to the truck where i laid in bed until next day, when an ambulance was called, i did make it to Istanbul, with lots of pain killers, but still suffer to this day, but also old age plays a part, and i`ve had 2 discs removed as well, but we cant stay young forever…ha ha .

Hello mate
Yes, it used to be a good night out at the Galleria, bowling. Do you remember the trophy that we had ? I just happened to have a few boxes of them in one of my loads to Doha and hooked one out for us to put in the glass cabinet at Oktay.
Heres another pic at bowling.

Black Billy parked up at the Londra.

EFES Kontrol at Oktay

Phil polishing his stacks on ROO 108W at the Londra.

More EFES !! with Hooperman and Phil.

Me and Neville on our way home with wine from Suhindol.

A bus ride to Istanbul eh !! that would be a good crack. dont forget a visit to The Pudding Shop and the Bazaar. Oh and an evening strolling down Pig Alley !! is that still there I wonder ? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :smiley:

Pulling in to the Londra Camp just after dawn, after pushing through from Kapik. That was a shlep eh !! no motorway in those days…4 hours hard driving and loads of gear changes. Papers in early at Ulusoy and then to bed, to be woken up later to go and tip over the bridge at Haydarpasa.