Rowe lorries Golden Jubilee

Just got back from the 50th anniversary celebrations of Rowe lorries down in Dobwalls in Cornwall. They made lorries and buses from 55 to 62 with Gardener and Meadows engines amongst others. The lorries were named Hillmasters and were popular with local hauliers because of their climbing ability. Sadly theres only a handful left, but they are beautifully built wagons.

To co-incide with the anniversary Peter Tuthill launched a new book on the marque, which I have to say is excellent. Thanks to him and Graham Thorne for a superb exhibition. I know Craig was there taking some professional shots, I beleive for T&D but in the meantime heres my snaps hope you enjoy them.

ghinzani , thank you for these pictures of a firm that was once a
wonderful builder of fine vehicles, who is the lucky owner of the item
which has to be rebuilt, hopefully we will see the end result when it is
finished, and the other pictures are also great as well thanks for shareing them with us

Ghinzanni…thanks for the pictures…it would have been great to have seen them on the road at their best…nice neat bit of roping and sheeting as well…i`ve still got the scars and memories from my days of dragging snow/ice covered ropes off the vehicle before tipping…rolling up the huge sheets which were heavyweight in those days…and twice as much when they were full of snow or soaking wet…but it had to be done for the next load…of course lifes a lot easier now…but thanks anyway…and more will be appreciated…and as pete said…would be nice to see the other old girl restored to her former glory…

Great pics Steve, hope mine turn out as well. That interior pic of the unrestored truck is a cracker. Noticed that you even got your Mrs in one of the photos :smiley:

The old Hillmaster lived up to its name later on in the afternoon when Adrian Vercoe drove his back home - it absolutely flew up the hills, keeping up with the cars (he was empty mind you!) Think it might have been a bit different with 7 tonnes of broccoli in the back :open_mouth:

Cheers, Craig

Chaps - thanks for the kind words, I really cant say enough about the Fuji digital camera I bought - I just point and shoot with it and it does the rest!

Brit Pete, Im afraid I didnt find out who owned the unrestored beast, hes certainly got some work to do. I know of at least two other surviving examples of the marque, it certainly makes us Cornishmen feel proud to see these lorries still out there, and as Craig says going some too! Tuckyboy - I too like to see a good bit of roping and sheeting, it really harks back to a world when schedules werent computer controlled and sattelite checked!

Craig - doubtless your pictures will be much better than mine, looking forward to the article. Did you get to ride in Vercoes wagon then? Bet it took you back to your Dads motors :laughing: Ginny was’nt too happy that I got her in shot and then posted it on the web, usual womens complaint about looking fat - I think its just she doesnt like the precedent of me posting pics on the web, paranoid that I’l fit a webcam in the shower I spose! :wink: I tell you what though, she really liked our brief visit, reckon I will be able to drag her to Truckfest or a classic show - result!

Oh btw I must recommend the book again - very very interesting, especially some of the old firms in there - R&O and Thompsons had them - in fact I’m surprised Thompsons arent still using them with drawbars at 32 tons :wink:

Brit Pete I received the following via email from Graham Thorne

To answer the website queries. The unrestored Hillmaster 161 LTW spent its
working life in East Anglia. It now belongs to Graham Voss in Leicestershire
and it will be restored. It has been in open storage for around 20 years.
Graham drove Rowes for Hollingsworth of Melton Mowbray. They had 4 - 2 were
4 wheelers, 1 was a rare 6 wheeler [Rowe only made a few] and 1 was the
unique Chinese Six.

So there you go - not bad for being in the open that long!

Thanks for the great pictures,they certainly dont make them like that nowadays do they ?,just like cars they all seem to look the same.
regards derek