Route advice please,Calais - Benidorm via Lens

I’m on my second run down to Benidorm,the first time I went via Saint Quentin - Rheims - Montpellier - La Jonquera

Which apparently is the long way (no Lens on first run)& most expensive toll wise.

So far I’ve gone
Lens -N47 - A21 - A1


A1 - A29 past Amiens - A28 to Rouen

Rouen A28 - A13 -A28

I’m now stopped for my 45 on aire de Risle Et Charentonne and I’m not sure whether to go via

A28 - Le Mans
A11 - Angers
A87 - A83 Niort
A10 - Bordeaux
A63 - N10 Irun
Irun - Zaragoza - Calatayud - Valencia


A28 - Le Mans
A28 - Tours
A10 - Poitiers
A10 - Bordeaux

Then as above


A28 - Le Mans
A28 - Tours
A10 - Poitiers
N147 - Limoges
A20 - Montauran
A62 - Toulouse
A61 - Narbonne
A9 - La Jonquera
A15 etc via Valencia

I know the tolls in Spain are
via Irun just under €30
via La Jonquera just over €70

Don’t know the tolls in France or the quickest route but at the moment I’m favouring the first option

I dont know which way you are shipping out but would personly go Rennes,Nantes, Bordeaux,Irun, Madrid ,Zarrogosa ,Velancia,Benidorm . We are going to Malaga next week (by car) and to Madrid thats the route I take

Hi.N S H you dont say where you are shipping out from personal i go from portsmouth to caen then to rennes down to bordeaux down the forestters road to irun beware on this stretch when it signposted no overtaken dont there are usually cops all down this road then over the mountain to pamplona then follow signs for zarragona come off at ricla(look on your map i cant think of name it signposted) then follow signs for almunia then tureul valencia alicante coming off at bendidorm. if you need directions mail me i try and help i only live 30 mins from beni

I`ve scrapped this!!

This is even better & the same milage

km) and
then to
take total
0.00 Start out at Lens,France Unclassified 0.00
0.17 Bear right onto Rue Du Maréchal Leclerc Rue Du Maréchal Leclerc 0.17
0.10 Continue forward onto Boulevard Émile Basly Boulevard Émile Basly 0.27
0.46 At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Avenue Alfred Maes Avenue Alfred Maes 0.73
0.34 Turn left onto Route D’Arras Route D’Arras 1.07
0.96 At roundabout take the 3rd exit, then merge onto the A211 (signposted A211 Reims, Péage, Arras, Avion, Méricourt) A211 2.03
0.65 Bear right onto the N17 N17 2.67
0.43 Continue forward onto the N17. Entering Avion N17 3.10
4.02 At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the N17 N17 7.13
0.56 Continue forward onto the N17. Entering Vimy N17 7.69
3.81 Continue forward, then join the A26 toll motorway (signposted Lille, Paris, Reims) A26 11.50
8.59 Branch right to join A1-E15 (signposted Paris) A1 20.09
16.76 Aire de St Leger (Service Area) A1 36.86
32.17 Aire d’Assevillers-Ouest (Service Area) A1 69.02
41.76 Aire de Ressons-Ouest (Service Area) A1 110.78
53.23 Aire de Vemars-Ouest (Service Area) A1 164.01
9.93 Branch right (signposted A3 Bordeaux, Paris-Est) then stay in left-hand lanes to shortly join A3 A3 173.95
12.22 Take middle lanes (signposted Fontenay-sous-Bois, Créteil) then branch right, then join the A86 motorway (signposted A86 Fontenay s/s Bois, Créteil, Rosny s/s Bois) A86 186.17
7.75 Bear right onto the A4 (signposted Saint Maur, Créteil-Paris, Bordeaux-Nantes, Lyon) A4 193.93
2.14 Branch right onto the A86 (signposted Bordeaux-Nantes-Lyon, Créteil, Versailles) A86 196.07
10.13 Continue forward onto the N186 (signposted A86 Bordeaux, A86 Choisy Le Roi, Nantes-lyon, Vitry S/seine, Rungis-aéroport Orly, Versailles) N186 206.20
4.29 Branch right, then join the A6 B motorway (signposted A6 Bordeaux-Nantes, Lyon) A6 B 210.49
2.79 Branch right onto the A10-E5 (signposted Palaiseau, Etampes, Bordeaux) A10 213.28
3.48 At junction with N20 branch right (signposted Orléans, Palaiseau) A10 216.76
15.34 Aire de Limours-Janvry (Service Area) A10 232.10
20.46 At junction with A11 continue forward (signposted Orléans, Bordeaux) A10 252.56
30.57 Aire de Francheville (Service Area) A10 283.13
32.84 Aire d’Orleans-Saran (Service Area) A10 315.97
7.68 Continue forward (signposted Meung-s/Loire, Blois, Tours, Bordeaux) A10 323.65
19.96 Aire de Meung-sur-Loire (Service Area) A10 343.61
26.20 Aire de Blois-Villerbon (Service Area) (Restaurant) A10 369.81
47.67 Toll booths A10 417.48
3.60 Aire de Tours la Longue Vue (Service Area) (Restaurant) A10 421.08
30.96 Toll booths A10 452.04
6.24 Aire de Ste Maure-de-Touraine (Service Area) A10 458.28
28.71 Aire de Chatellerault Antran (Service Area) (Restaurant) A10 486.98
29.60 Aire de Poitiers Jaunay-Clan (Service Area) (Restaurant) A10 516.58
30.52 Aire de Coulombiers-Nord (Service Area) A10 547.10
14.64 Aire de Rouillé-Pamproux (Service Area) A10 561.75
33.46 Aire des Ruralies (Service Area) (Restaurant/Motel) A10 595.21
50.55 Aire de Fenioux (Service Area) A10 645.76
32.37 Aire de St Léger (Service Area) (Restaurant) A10 678.13
50.36 Aire de Saugon (Service Area) (Restaurant) A10 728.49
24.76 Aire de l’Estalot (Service Area) A10 753.24
12.15 Leave the A10 at junction 1, then merge onto the N230 (signposted Gare St Jean, Arcachon, Bayonne, Toulouse, Cenon, Artigues) (Bordeaux Eastern Bypass) N230 765.39
10.97 Continue forward onto the A630 A630 776.36
3.26 Continue forward at junction with A62 (signposted Bayonne, aéroport) A630 779.62
5.31 Leave Rocade Sud - A630 at junction 15, then join the A63 motorway (signposted Bayonne) A63 784.94
47.65 At End of Motorway continue forward N10-E70 N10 832.59
90.91 Continue forward onto the A63 A63 923.50
22.72 Aire de Labenne-Ouest (Service Area) A63 946.22
27.52 Aire de Bidart-Ouest (Service Area) A63 973.74
17.11 Continue forward onto the A-8 A-8 990.86
0.26 Leave the A-8 at junction 1, then turn left onto the N-121A (signposted N-121A Iruña, Pamplona) Entering Behobia N-121A 991.12
0.66 Bear right Unclassified 991.78
0.03 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Endarlaza Etorbidea - N-10 (signposted Irun, Donostia, San Sebastián) N-10 991.81
1.01 Continue forward onto Juan Thalamas Labandibar Kalea - N-10. Entering Irún N-10 992.82
0.72 At roundabout take the 2nd exit (signposted Irún) Unclassified 993.54
0.19 At roundabout take the 1st exit onto the N-I N-I 993.73
0.80 Arrive at Irun,Spain N-I 994.53

  • Section time 10:12, Total time 10:12 - -
    0.00 Start out at Irun,Spain N-I 994.53
    0.35 Turn left onto Gipuzkoa Etorbidea Gipuzkoa Etorbidea 994.88
    0.41 Bear right onto Avenida Elizatxo Avenida Elizatxo 995.28
    2.23 At roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the N-I (signposted GI-2134 Donostia, San Sebastian, Oiartzun) N-I 997.52
    0.36 At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the N-I (signposted Donostia, Errenteria, San Sebastián) N-I 997.88
    0.39 Bear right, then join the A-8 toll motorway (signposted Donostia, S. S. Frantzia, Bilbo, Bilbao) A-8 998.27
    2.98 Area de Oyarzun (Service Area) (Restaurant) A-8 1001.25
    14.30 Leave the A-8 at junction 8, then merge onto the N-I (signposted Donostia Me., S. Sebastian O., Ondarreta, Añorga) N-I 1015.55
    12.08 Leave the N-I at junction 445, then merge onto the A-15 (signposted A-15 Irurtzun, Iruña, Pamplona) A-15 1027.63
    154.53 Continue forward, then join the A-68 toll motorway (signposted A-15 Tudela, Zaragoza) A-68 1182.16
    14.78 Area de Tudela (Service Area) (Restaurant) A-68 1196.94
    31.80 Area de Gallur (Service Area) (Restaurant) A-68 1228.74
    28.16 Area de Sobradiel (Service Area) (Restaurant) A-68 1256.91
    11.72 Bear right, then join the A-2 motorway (signposted E-90 Zaragoza, Madrid, Teruel) A-2 1268.63
    6.34 Continue forward onto the N-II N-II 1274.97
    74.54 Leave the N-II at junction 233, then merge onto the N-234 (signposted N-234 Teruel, Zaragoza) N-234 1349.51
    66.38 Bear right onto the A-23 A-23 1415.89
    37.75 Bear left onto the N-234 N-234 1453.64
    25.65 Continue forward onto the N-330 N-330 1479.29
    3.32 Continue forward onto the N-234 N-234 1482.62
    120.37 Continue forward, then merge onto the N-340 (signposted N-340 Valencia) N-340 1602.99
    4.01 Continue forward, then join the A-7 motorway A-7 1607.00
    90.47 Area de la Safor (Service Area) A-7 1697.48
    45.98 Area de San Antonio (Service Area) A-7 1743.46
    32.75 Leave the A-7 at junction 65, then merge onto Avenida De La Comunitat Europea (signposted Benidorm) Avenida De La Comunitat Europea 1776.20
    2.45 Bear right. Entering Benidorm Unclassified 1778.65
    0.17 Continue forward onto Avenida De La Comunitat Valenciana - N-332 N-332 1778.82
    1.11 Arrive at Benidorm,Spain N-332 1779.93
  • Section time 8:01, Total time 18:14 1779.93 KMS

You can check it out here .NB: Always press the Europe tab.
The above is only 50KMS longer than central France , La Jonq…ect. But a lot cheaper… … database=E

Kerbutt & Alf - I think the clue to where I’m shipping out from is in the title of this thread :smiley:

Harry - Thanks for the info but it was a bit “information overload”
I think I had already taken a different route by the time you posted that,but thanks anyway.

I eventually went the Irun - Zaragoza route.
If I had gone via Limoges from Poitiers I would’ve saved 154 miles :unamused:
Also there is a new section of A23 from Zaragoza my sat nav didn’t know about so I lost some time & mileage there as well.

I think I’ll have to do some research when I get home tomorrow.

NSH try useing VIA MICHELIEN FOR CHECKING YOUR ROUTE before setting off, The route try some variations like full motorway, the quickest route, then a mixed route of national–motorway, see which is the best, YOU talked about tolls ,yes the motorways cost ,but your lorry will use less FUEL; have less WEAR &TEAR as you are not stopping and starting as you will be when traveling nationals,you can also travel at a higher speed and so drive farther,with mentioning the local diversions or restrictions which
you will have on the nationals,

north surrey haulage:
If I had gone via Limoges from Poitiers I would’ve saved 154 miles :unamused:
Also there is a new section of A23 from Zaragoza my sat nav didn’t know about so I lost some time & mileage there as well.

I think I’ll have to do some research when I get home tomorrow.

Sean, I’ve been away for a few days or I could have saved you some trouble. But I’m sure I told you the other week about Limoges being the best route. Mind you I have no idea why you went as far west as Poitiers. From Rouen you should go Evreux, Dreux, Chartre, join A71 at Artenay, then off at Vierzon to Chateauroux and Limoges, thence Brive, Cahors, Montauban, Toulouse, Carcassonne, & Narbonne to Perpignan.
However, if I had been starting from Lens I would have gone down the A1 and round Paris on the A/N 104 leaving it on the A6 to route past Montargis, Nevers, Moulins, Clermont-F, over the Millau, Lodeve, and Beziers.

I know David.

The trouble is everybody knows the best route and they’re all different.

I think next time I’ll go via Paris & if I’m going via Caen the via Limoges

It’s all trial and error at the mo’

so how you finding it sean, is it as many say, far better than uk work?

Spardo But he wanted to avoid AutoRoutes…

Spardo But he wanted to avoid AutoRoutes…
Yes, and your point is?

From what I remember Narbonne to Benidorm is peage all the way … Without all the other bits & pieces

From what I remember Narbonne to Benidorm is peage all the way … Without all the other bits & pieces

I merely gave him the routes, not the roads he could use, from Narbonne the Nationals follow the ARs pretty close, but time could be a big factor in that part of the world. In any case, I don’t think he expected to go all the way without paying a penny. On certain routes, for instance after Toulouse, much of the AR is obligatory, but I can go from Calais to south of Brive without paying at all, apart from the short stretch avoiding Orleans, which is banned to trucks.

I see. But you can get the whole thing plotted & something happens/ diverted and it you ends up costing you the same which ever way you go… :smiley: