Rookes of tadcaster

In the 70s & 80s my uncle used to drive for rookes,a night trunker would bring a loaded lorry down to south acre then latterly to swaffham,both in norfolk,an “A” series ERF in the 70s then a merc in the 80s. He would leave it for my uncle and return to tadcaster with the lorry that had been used that day,always loaded with food stuff out of colemans of norwich,i can remember learning the art of roping n sheeting from him. i just wondered if they were still going!!

Not sure if they are still going but I used to park my 814 in their yard at York end of tadcaster and often did a paper run from Newton kyme at Boston spa with one of their lads. That was late 80s early 90s.

Has anyone any pictures of Rookes? My neighbours dad has just died, he drove for Rookes of Tadcaster, his name was Brian Lewsey if anyone remembers him, it would be good to find an old photo.

Hi Wheelnut, I restored one of Rookes ERF tractor units in 1989, I sold it in 91, it was YWX664G and is now owned by Craigs of Denny in Scotland.
Regards Tony H.