Roof top aircon units

Does anybody know if you can re-fit (i.e a second hand one) of those roof top air con units that can be used when parked up ?
I’m sat here in Logrono Spain having a 24 off and its 33°c and I’m sweating my bits off. To make matters worse my in cab air con has packed up too so I was thinking rather than spend money on the in cab one I might be better off with spending it on the roof top type.
I know they are approximately £1100 new but if I can get a working used one I could save money. Its for a Dad 105 SSC.

Forget replacing cab air con with a roof unit.
They’re ok, but you need the cab air con to get down to temp you then fire up the roof unit, run them together for 10 minutes.
And then the roof air con will do its stuff.
But they do not do the same job as you’re cab air con.
Hope this helps:-(

I was speaking to an owner driver in avonmouth on Friday.

He was saying how he bough a second hand one but hasn’t fitted it yet, so it appears they can be retro fitted if this what your asking.

Have a look on eBay?