Roger Haywood

Hi to all ex ME drivers have just discovered this site I have read all the commentsabout Astran drivers some are not exctly correct first the black and white photo of Trevor Long was taken by me also was the little kebab house
which for interest is situated 100km short of Ankara Turkey,just befor the original death valley.
I have heard rumours that I am dead so from the grave I type this out.
if anyone requires info on Trevor Long he died of cancer as I beleive I will check this out.
Trever was so named the Wing Commander because he was a major story teller who clamed when he was in Doha he would take the Emirs plane for a spin sadly Trevor got himself in lots of bother because in the end he had to tell more lies to cover the one before.
Trevor was indeed the driver who took Franklin Wood on his journey but I was thefirst person to be asked By Bob Paul of Astrans and so was most of the others even Andrew Wilson Young turned him down.I could tell many storiesof things that happened But be patient a new book just about Astrans will be on the Market soon.but if you cant wait get in touch

… But be patient a new book just about Astrans will be on the Market soon.but if you cant wait get in touch

Hello mate and welcome to Trucknet.

As you have seen, the subject of Astran and indeed all M/E companies has provoked a great deal of interest on here, so any tales and pics that you may have from your time on the run would be very much appreciated!!

There are quite a few ex M/e and Astran drivers on here (allegedly!! :wink: :wink: :laughing: ), some of whom you may know…truckyboy (bob white) and GS Overland (Gavin) , mushroom man (steve) and bestbooties (ian) are a few that immediatly spring to mind.

Anything you could contribute would be greatly appreciated…including anything on this new book!! :wink:

Cheers, bullitt.

Hi to you and thanks for the welcome,I cant give u much information on the new book the author has asked not to leak anything at present.but take my word it will be good .it will be in hardback formatt and will cover every driver who ever drove or pulled a load to ME for Astran so a few story tellers will have to hide.
Any tru ME driver from the 70’s and 80’s will know of me Sadly there are not many left apart from Barry Barnes.John Bruce,Tony Somerson,Frank Hook.
George Hall,Jeff Frost. Names like Andrew wilson young, ■■■■ Snow,Jerry
whelan,are used by drivers who never clapped eyes on the ME.its so sad
Bob Paul,And Mike Woodman,started the whole thing off and it was a pleasure
to be part of such a slice of trucking history.I hope that when I die I will have donated a small piece, and truckers of the future will tell there stories of a great life on the road which I sadly Miss.will post some pictures ASAP

Welcome aboard sinbin31

Looking forward to some pics a stories on the M/E from you, the more the better :smiley:

Can`t wait untill the book comes out :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: sounds like its going to be a good one, just hope i can get my hands on a copy.


Hi all.

Looks like the word is out :open_mouth:

It is me who is writing the book ! That’s one of the reason why I’ve been so quiet of late.

It is coming along very well indeed, but I’m still working and researching and still have a bit to do. Suffice it to say, it will be filled with photos, stories, anecdotes and all things nice about Asian Transport/Astran.
You won’t be dissappointed. Don’t want to let any more out the bag yet :wink:

I put a thread up yonks ago asking for anyone involved with Astran’s to contact me.
If anyone want 's to read it, it’s way down the pecking order on page 11 of this index :cry:

I will keep everyone posted as to how things are going. I reckon a few more months until it’s done.
Be patient my people…
Watch this space as they say. :wink:

Hi Ash
sorry mate to have spilled the beans on the book didnt realise it was so hush hush ,Lets get the facts down correctly ,no maybe stories ,you know me you have seen the pics please call me anytime u have my number, what I dont want is false info fed into this book True stories of great guys ,tales of hardship and pleasure ,of comradship,will be posting some pics my brother has ,
cheers to all freinds not seen for a while
truck No wahid, wahid, cita,colour ,ashfur ,model tamanya sabine. english
translation work it out .
Roger Haywood

116 yellow 78
Hi Roger
You probably don’t remember me, but as soon as I saw your name, I remembered you and your 142.

Best regards
Gavin Smith

Hi Roger, welcome to Trucknet. :slight_smile:
Its great to hear that you are not dead, I bet you were really pleased when you heard that yourself. :smiley:
We met on a couple of occasions, the first time I met you I was running with Howard Hughes when we were on Dow Freight and the second time I was running with Big Jim Smethurst who was on Falcongate at the time.
I remember seeing you on a few occasions coming from the opposite direction. You never flashed your lights and I suppose that anybody who saw you will remember that you used to give the Royal Wave. I also remember that you had a big red air deflector on the top of your cab with your name in yellow letters but at the back of my mind I keep thinking that you had a Volvo F12. ( Am I wrong about this ? )
Maybe you can give me an answer to a question that I have asked a couple of times and never got a reply. Why was John called Java John ?.
It’s great to hear that John Bruce is still around, can you show him this photo and ask him if he remembers where it was taken.

I am really looking forward to seeing your pictures Roger and reading your stories, you must have quite a few. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Best regards Steve.

Here`s a pic from the net of your motor Roger, looks like you were right about the F12 mushroomman

truck No wahid, wahid, cita,colour ,ashfur ,model tamanya sabine. english
translation work it out .
Roger Haywood

116 Yellow 78


New driver off to Doha

actualy my Son Matt ,good looking like dad Roger but 17 now

Roger Haywood

Astran yard West Malling Kent loading for a 7 drop Saudi took 5 weeks one drop in Alhkobar had to wait 6 days for a Bedi to come our of the desert to collect his machine .He paid me 700 Riyals a day for waiting and then Astran paid me the same when I returned home. Luvly Jubly happy days


Hello Rog, The picture was taken in the Pudding Shop in Istanbul just as you go through the door on the left, we had a nice nosh up before going down to the Bazar, it’s nice to see Peter Wall i’e Peter the Plater again we had some great laughs, Do you know of his where abouts? after he married the girl from Dover, Sue i believe and they took the pub over outside Western Dock Dover, Catch up with you later Roger, J.B.

Hello John Bruce, and welcome to Trucknet :smiley: .

I realise that the photo in the restaurant was taken over 20 years ago but it was actually taken in a fish restaurant on the old wooden Galata Bridge, some time before the brige burnt down.
We had been in The Pudding Shop several hours earlier ( I can’t find all the bloody photo’s ) after going around The Blue Mosque. If you remember John from The Pudding Shop we then went over to The Harem on the ferry before we came back to the Old City and went around The Bazaar. We had a meal and a few more Efes in this restaurant in the evening before we returned back to the Mocamp.
You might recall that “ The Plater ” had an argument with the taxi driver as he had increased the negotiated price on the way down to Istanbul. It almost ended up as a slapping match and we all had to get out of the taxi and stand at the side of the busy road in the dust while it was resolved. Eventually it was resolved with Peter and the taxi driver ending up as the best of friends.
I look forward to hearing about some of your memories John of which I am sure that you have many.

B.T.W. I have sent you a P.M.
Regards Steve.

I took this photo outside The Blue Mosque, Dennis, John, Peter and Christine.