Robins transport manchester

hi guys and gals, you will love this, but i am also after advice,whether i can get legal help.
i am a subbie with a 17 tonner,working out of robins transport manchester. having just rec’d my sheet, that i sometimes agree with,it transpires now that the company are no longer putting prices on, for individual jobs just a total for a month, in months past,the prices were put on and you knew what each job paid,but now to cap this,they no longer do it,surely they must consult us,before making major changes?
it just smacks of another company screwing us owner drivers,
what are you thoughts? and any advice?

Guess its down to whatever agreement you had with them in the first place?
What does the small print say?

One answer to this is to make a note of the rate they give you when you take on each job and then see if it tallies with your figures at the end of the month as you should be qouted a rate for each job before you do it.

If not try looking for work elsewhere where the rates are given to you before you do the job but don,t think that they are screwing the rates you get as you might be wrong but there is nothing wrong in asking why you don,t get the rates first!

Good luck