Roadways Southampton

Can anyone who works or recently worked for Roadways in Southampton
PM me please as I’m looking at applying for a job but would like to know a couple of things first.

I wouldnt bother, they are on percentage earnings, i was talking to one of there drivers the other day, and you will be away in a P cab scania.
Try Hanbury Davies, Debens, Maritime, that should keep you going for a while.

Dont bother mate they are a bunch of cowboys…had a run in with them once, they refused a container job (tank) but i happened to get the job but they phoned the ministry and at the delivery point the ministry turned up…but seeing as i wasnt on a public highway they let me go without an overload offence…although i was…lucky or what !! but goes to show what a shower they are…

Thanks guys.
You’ve helped me decide to give them a wide berth!!

Maritime said not until I’d had class1 for 2 years which will be in August.

Debens I’m not sure ,had an interview and got a job offer but the 12 year old that interviewed me kept banging on about how they expect drivers to get back to the yard for the night and if an early start was required I would have to stay in the yard but would lose the night out .I pointed out that if I’m not being paid for the night out then I’d take a minimum of 11 off :open_mouth: :astonished: but it went over his head.

Hanbury Davies I’ve phoned a couple of times and i’ve filled in application forms but never got a reply :confused: :imp:

I’ll just have to keep me eyes open,No rush I’m on an agency job til September if I want it for that long.


if it was me returning to yard early start or not min 11 hours of and i’d be home.certainly not staying in the yard and not get paid. :wink: