Roadpics from this week

taken on the way down to ferriers on bray a16 a28 n915

its a long way down

almost emty roads

yes i do :laughing: advert for french tourist board maybe

pic with the windmills carl is that a frans maas trailer???nice pics how about a diary■■?

it is a frans mass trailer mate,well spotted :wink:

hear hear, bring on a diary!!!

i thought you had a magnum mate, not an iveco…

the magnum was poorly mate ive got her back now tho :smiley:


Logistique et Vehicules FRANCE :wink:

What day was that Carl? I had a good night in Chez Jo on Wednesday and Thursday was spent at Restaurant Le Peage in Nogent le Roi near Evreux

a few from the n915
you pass thru some nice little french villages

an old routiers

just loaded

only a few pics as it rained there and back rotselaar in belgium

speedy merc

on the way back

this road could drive ya to drink

What day was that Carl?

it was monday malc.ive been out to evreux for years i used to go that way to orleans ,evreux ,dreux,chartres it were a good road some good routiers on that national but i bet that dul carriageway is open now.

I do like the WLC livery. Simple and smart.

i agree rob, i get a lot of good comments about it when im over the water more than when im in england

Excellent photos Carl. As said above, you do realise we’re going to pester you for a diary mate. (please) :wink: :slight_smile:

Good pics matey by chance that wasnt aire du hill you were parked up at.