Roadhawk DC-1 - anyone with one can you please advise?

Been using one of these for the past week whilst tramping. Placed the SD card in the laptop this evening and found the bloody thing had recorded lots of files but no ‘events’ even though I had pressed the ‘E’ button several times throughout the week. I had formatted the sd card before use and set the camera to record infinite and events…but no joy so can anyone put me right before I smash £199’s of junk to pieces please?

You need to change some settings as the gravity settings is too harsh. As every bump it sets off a tigger event onto the card and quickly it fills up

Put SD card back into the pc - open the roadhawk program and have a play with the settings in the menus

(make sure the roadhawk has formatted the card and can see it)

Thanks for your response Leo but the problem is actually the reverse of your solution. It’s not recording events even though I’m pressing the E button. Gravity setting is set to withstand potholes, bumps etc
Cheers Pete

Go back into the settings and select constant record that way when you press the e button it should make an event if I’m not mistaken been a whole since I needed to do it on mine

When you press the event button you should here it create an event by a tingling noise thats the best way that I can describe it. I have been using Roadhawks for the past 4 years and now have the new HD version which is great. I set my settings high as I am not interested in storing events as I remember where they are ie time etc and just take the card out and save them.
I do know though that my emergency or event button is working as I have tried it,if it is not working contact Mark at Roadhawk and I am more than sure that they will sort it out and if faulty they will exchange no questions asked.
One thing I had problems at the beginning with my new HD one and it was not recording sound which was down to a software error, but the other thing was that the card I was using did not have a fast enough write speed it was only 23mbs instead of 45mbs. Try another card if you have one I use a 32gb Ultima class 10.

Thanks for your replies lads. I’ve ordered a 32Gb class 10 45 mbs card from amazon so I will see if that makes a difference.

I have one of the cheaper cameras off amazon and got a 32gb card for it. Quite often I’d find the file was there but it missing a codec. I now format the card at the beginning of every shift and if something happens I have a spare card so I can keep the one with any event on it.