Road Maps

Can anyone recommend a good Uk road map that has hight & weight limits marked on ! :smiley:

You sir will find the AA truckers atlas of use.
Now,the paperback one if you can call it that will have heights and the hardback will have weights too,not saying it covers every limit mind.

To be honest with you,the hardback is a bit bulky to be having a squint at going down the road but useful enough if just starting out and no idea where to eat a spot of dinner.

Best thing about the truckers atlas is the London map in the back,gives you a good overview of where to go without constantly trying to find the page in your A-Z(or the phillips blue books as I prefer).

There is a phillips heights road atlas too but know less than bugger all about those so need another comment on those.

The Philips Navigator Trucker’s Britain is the 1 I and most of my friends carry it has brige heights weight limits, large scale and shows far more than standard maps ind est, farms speed camera’s truckstops ect.
At £20 a bit more pricey but well worth it :smiley: