Road construction I-495 in MASS

Perhaps i should say CONSTRICTION on I-495 in Massachusetts North bound a mile North of exit 32 at Littleton. The right lane is closed off and the little rough bridge is being worked on, we got a message over the Quallcom it was all backed up yesterday, should be fun during the week. I went by there last night and the sign said it will be going on till August 4th :cry: :cry:


I know a few guys who’ve had blow outs / bent wheel rims from hitting pot holes and bridge joints on the 495 in Masshole. The biggest ■■■■ take in 3rd world quality roads at the moment has got to go to the approach to the GWB in New York City. Its always been bad but at the moment its like something you’d imagine from Beirut or Mombasa.

MA bridges are a disgrace to say the least, why the hell they can’t resurface the bridges when they do the road I will never understand :question:
Robin, The aproach to the GWB south bound is not half as bad as the same bit of the Cross Bronx northbound mate. I was told not to insult the USA one day when in temper on the CB I shouted that “Someone should fly over the Atlantic and show your people how to build f*****g roads”

The good news is their only going to do this construction on weekends :smiley: