RIP Tony Benn

I was saddened today when I heard of the passing of veteran politician Tony Benn. Born into a life of wealth and luxury, Sir Anthony Wedgewood Benn decided on a life in politics fully believing not just himself but we can all make a difference should we set out to achieve it. Unusually for someone from his background Tony was a commited socialist and decided to give up his knighthood as he felt uncomfortable about being a Labour politician representing the working classes as a Lord. Perhaps todays medal begging union men and politicians should take notice of Tony Benns sacrafice as I have felt it not very socialist to accept a knighthood, Bill Morris, John Reid, John Prescott etc take note. I cannot say I agreed with Tony Benn on everything but I would certainly afford him the courtesy of listening to his argument. Definitely one of the original Right Honourable members of the house and although retired from politics, the world of politics will certainly be a poorer place without Tony Benns presence.

My heartfelt condolences are extended to his family

All the way back to when our nemesis was called the “common market”, he believed (and voiced that belief) that Europe was systematically robbing our government of the power to do anything of our own volition. Boy, was he right. Admittedly frequently controversial, he undeniably had guts and integrity, and we need men like him right now, more than we as a nation seem to acknowledge.

The only other politician that has guts and integrity is Dennis Skinner. Controversial and all the rest, at least he is passionate in what he believes in, and is there to represent the working class.

I agree, these idiots today are just puppets and couldn’t give a ■■■■■ about you or me - just themselves. The days are gone when people wanted to be MP’s for the good of their own communities. Benn was right as was Enoch amongst others who are sadly gone now.

RIP Tony.

We were having Tony to speak in our local hall but he cancelled it when he was taken to hospital, we were still hoping he could reschedule it, but unfortunately not to happen now, what ever your ploitics he was an interesting politician and orator. At least we still have The Benn Tapes and hopefully the film to come. :frowning: