RIP BBC radio

Seems like the organisers of BBC radio with their pc attitudes, and good ptesenters replaced with tokenism presenters have ■■■■ ed it right up as expected.
Good enough for em I reckon.
I know it is referring specifically to R1, but does anybody on here still listen to R2?

I only listen to Mike Sweeney on BBC radio Manchester these days.

Gradually lost interest in BBC R2 (only one I listened to) when Wogan finished. Couldn’t stand Vine, late afternoon programmes were ok, just!!
Talk Radio & Boom Radio are my staples now.

Only BBC radio I listen to is Sounds of the 80s with Gary Davies on the I player.

The BBC have even effed up our local BBC station, and joined it with BBC Newcastle and BBC Manc, getting rid of 90% of the popular local DJs and presenters,… including a mate of mine.
They have all moved after being snapped up to a new local indrpendent radio station…taking all the old BBC listeners with them.
The BBC should provide a service that their listeners want…not what the BBC want,.which is usually the opposite.

■■■■ em I say, they deserve all they get.

Me too, altough brilliant on radio as he was I couldn’t take to him as a tv performer, But agree about Vine, creepy git, unlike his brother who is very funny. Although I wasn’t a big fan of Jimmy Young I did enjoy his programme which was very popular indeed and was annoyed when they sacked him for being too old. I was even more incensed that there was no solidarity and Vine took over the vacant slot.

My radio of choice now, when I am at home, is Radio 4 or Gold UK. The latter because I can remember most of the words to what is played on it and sing, or whistle, along to them. :joy:

I get some radio 4 in during the morning, and if I am home in the kitchen at 5 don’t mind PM. The folk show and Bob Harris Country are too late for live radio but will catch up when I can.

If I routinely had 6 Music in the cab that might be an option.

The benefit BBC have over the others is lack of commercials.

Johnnie Walker the only good one left on Radio 2 now. Once he’s gone its curtains.

R2 can’t do anything that Boom Radio doesn’t do much better.Greatest Hits, Absolute 70’s and 80’s are my other default choices.Dont even have BBC on the car preset list.

Last time I changed my car I set all the presets to Planet Rock! To say SWMBO wasn’t impressed is an understatement. Still my go to radio station though.

Steve Wright has not had his funeral YET !
Bit disgraceful imo.

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I thought he buried himself years ago-or was that just his style?

Finally they have released his cause of death.

The certificate stated that the causes of death were acute peritonitis and a perforated gastric peptic ulcer.

I would assume the family had a private autopsy hence why it’s taken so long.

I still find myself missing Steve Wright on the radio…guy was a radio lege.
Never listen to R2 live at all nowadays.

Terry Wogan was brilliant: as for the Janet and John bits, dear lord, absolute filth. Couldn’t get enough of it myself…

I really did like BBC radio back in the day - John Peel at night, bits of R4 during the day, the Shipping Forecast, R3 (Johnners, Ted, Richie Benaud) when the cricket was on. I suppose it’s all gone now, what a waste.

Couldn’t stand Gary Davies myself but you might be old enough to remember Andy Kershaw on Radio 1. Took me a while but he’s a genuine bloke - he doesn’t ponce around.

Never really bothered with Wogan, could take him or leave him tbh.
In his heyday I was still going through my R1 phase.

Some of the Janet & John recordings are on YouTube. Pure gold.

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I was a big Wogan fan in his radio heyday, but I never could take to him on tv, he didn’t somehow seem to be in the same mould after the transition. Maybe it was because for the first time he needed to pull funny faces as well as funny phrases.

Although I was very angry at Jimmy Young’s treatment by the BBC, sacking him simply because of his age, when Wogan left I migrated to Radio 4 and am still there throughout the day now.

Of course, leaving Radio 2 was aided by my absolute contempt for the Vine creature, and I’m not talkng about Tim. :rofl:

Johnnie Walker has been playing some good music this afternoon, with his normal knowledgeable comments. Keep going Johnnie you’ll be missed.