rigs and twigs

hi everyone i wonder if anyone could give me advice on what c.b. to buy as im a bit out of touch as the last one i owned was an am higain back in the old days, thanks
ps i would like to be the first to wish all a happy easter :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

At the mo, in not on channel. I’ve got, ready to go in after New Year, an 80 channel (40 UK n 40 CEPT (European) frequencies) fm box. Its a Maycom EM 27 which has quite a few useful features, many can be controled by extra buttons on the mic. There are also a few problems with it. Mic is a bit fragile.
The LCD display is polarised, in such a way that if you are wearing polarised shades, the display screen goes black.

I used to have an Amstrad CD109, it was a fantastic box. At the time I was an agency driver, I had my CB fitted into a large wood box with speaker, mic hook, dropper (rigged p for 12 or 24v input)etc. It got nicked. Modern boxes just don’t seem as good.

I prefer firestick type twigs (fibreglass rod with antenna wrapped around it) which I’ve used for years.

thanks for that simon, i used to use fire sticks my self i even had one on a home made ground plane in the loft that could get me almost anywhere, but am out of touch with rigs, was your box that got knicked one that you could take from truck to truck? if so did you plug in to the ■■■ lighter or how? this is the type of thing i am hoping to be able to do take it from one to another. thanks again

I don’t think you can better a Midland with a base loaded Modulator. or maybe a K40

Its a matter of personal choice, really. There are quite a few good radios about. Midlands are good. I personally use a Harrier CBX (opened up to 80 channels), with an opek power mic. The twig is a cirio 145, (used to have a 4000, but it kept hitting bridges, so I sold it before it got too badly bent). I find this the best combination, and if i tell you that I drive an ERF EC11, youll know what I mean :laughing: I`ve bolted a steel plate onto the cab roof, so that I can use a mag mount, and it seems to do the business
Merry Christmas

I currently use a President Lincoln multimode,(am,fm,ssb) and like Trevor used to,I do indeed use a Sirio 4000,and to a certain extent I agree with Trevor insofar as they are a very tall aerial,and can catch bridges if you don’t site them properly.

I got round this by putting it on the back of the cab,setting it at a reasonable height,and curing the bridge problem.Also,if my memory serves me well,they are the only aerial that can be set at 90 degrees off the magnet,without the need for an elbow or any adaptor.

With the combination of radio and aerial,i prefer to use mine to talk to foreign stations,and have had contacts recently with Argentina,Venezuela,Canada and Senegal in West Africa.The only time I use FM,is when I run with one of my workmates.

And I also have a 100w FM/200w SSB linear which I bought but haven’t used yet.

thanks to you all for your help in this you have given me lots of food for thought its good to have help thanks again

.Also,if my memory serves me well,they are the only aerial that can be set at 90 degrees off the magnet,without the need for an elbow or any adaptor.

ah but what about a dv27■■? :laughing:

Sorry cheapskate at work :grimacing:

I stand corrected.Atki is right,the good old DV could be mounted at 90 degrees as it came with it’s own base mount included when you bought one,although you could just buy the twig if your old one broke.

Ah yes,the good old DV 27,cheap and cheerful but not a bad aerial.


I had my rig in a box so that I could move from wagon to wagon. I got a good quality ■■■ lighter/hella plug from Lucas, it was a bit pricey but its still going strong after over 10 years. I had the dropper set up, with non-reversible two pin plugs, so I could by-pass the dropper and a map-reading light with a 12v bulb for a volt meter (as well as a map-reading light). That way, if I got into a strange wagon, find a socket, plug in, switch on the map light; if its too bright I’ve got a 24v socket and my dropper needs to be used; if the bulbs about right away we go; if its too dim, switch the dropper out. I also had my twig on a mag mount (the twig just fitted across the back seat of my car), slap it on the roof and I’me on air. I used to do an evening run quite often, in a 2 series MAN. Going through Newbridge (near Edinburgh Airport) I could usualy talk with a guy over in Knightswood ( a bit West of Glasgow city centre). Not a bad range (at least 30 miles), however I had been very careful setting up my twig, the SWR was a fraction worse than 1:1 (maybe 1:1.05).

Thanks simon thats brill and just what i wanted to know with your advice and all the advice off the other kind people im sure i can put together the setup i want and be off and running thanks again all.

if you go for a new cb (cept & 27/81) get one that dosnt default to 09 when you turn it off…i curse mine every day…i wish i could go back to a rig with a mechanical channel change…dv27 not bad for cheapie…should read bloody brill twig

I use a stinger twig they can be a bit fiddly to get the swr right but it works quite well.

Tried loads of different twigs but the stinger is the only one that will put up with all the low branches etc that I come across, tried the short ones and didn’t like them at all.

My rig is an old Colt 295 that was bought second hand seven years ago and still works perfectly well.

Would still like to go back to the old Auntie Mary days though,anyone remember some of these old rigs?

Hygain 5 [had one]
Hygain 8 was a big old homebase rig that looked like a tape deck, had one of those as well
Polmar ss 120

I reckon the Ham international and the Presidents took some beating though.


Hence the reason I use a President Lincoln.Although with a design that is over 10 years old,the rigs that people use on ssb now tend to be the Magnum range,Delta Force,257 and ones made by Ranger.

But in saying that,I do like my Lincoln but the downside is it won’t go above the radio in a Renault Premium without some serious panel modification,and I don’t think my gaffer will like it when my motor is less than 2 months old,but that is where that Magnum 257 wins.It’s the size of a small 40 channel set,but has all the features of a large ssb set,and so will fit in the aforementioned aperture.

Hi steve,
that was the last rig i had a Hygain 5 had a mbile with a dv27, and had another at home with a home made ground plane in the loft with a fire stick on it found it a good set up.