Richard Long

Hi all, am new to forum. Am interested in any info on above company. Have had mixed reactions in the past, would appreciated comments as thinking of applying for job there.

Be careful what you say about him,apparently he reads through these forums.

I was stuck at Susa last thursday/friday (land slide problems) with one of his drivers and he had nothing but praise for the company

Be careful what you say about him,apparently he reads through these forums.

well there’s nothing against me saying that in my opinion, he, and his staff, are singularly rude and charmless people, is there?

he’d probably take that as an accolade cos you get the impression he actively cultivates the reputation

having said that he’s probably quite a few quid in front of me and keeps a nice fleet

I was quite tempted to try them as there are a couple of good lads who I know that work for him. I dont know anything about the money but the lads who are loading regularly from Hilton or Uttoxeter seem happy enough.

As with most big companies there is a lot of people who speak with a fork tongue because they didnt get a job or were cut up by one of the trucks in 1974 :wink:

Maybe a nice job for the Summer months. There is a lot of spanner work & lots of dogs & chain. IE: Them low loaders are open to all weathers & the driver has to secure the load.In sub-zero up in Rostock its a sharp learning curve. And then ,of course , there is 'too wide ,too long & too high ; not forgetting too heavy :laughing:

Thanks for info, backs up previous reactions. Will give them a miss as not interested in working for rude and bad mannered people. The search for varied and interesting work goes on.

when i talked to them (about 5 years ago) you couldnt keep the truck near home at weekends
and when loading at JCB you could load off the clock as that helped them out

A few years ago a lad on his first trip led a combine & had to go back to the yard for his papers. There used to be a narrow concrete track that circled the field leading to the office .The guy come off the track & the machine fell in the field ! The only docs he collected that day was his P45 :laughing:
PS. The word above is ‘loaded’ for RL. This browser has gone funny & won’t let me insert or correct.
Time for a cuppa tea.

I would second or third the rudeness bit. I phoned up couple of years ago and spoke to the man himself, and he said in a rather rude and unpleasent manner “what makes you so special that i would want to give you a job”

Now this wasnt said in an interview enquiry sort of way it was said in a w ay that i am THE number one man in the world and all the rest are inferior.

So if you are reading this mr long, up yours pal :smiley:

I spoke to 1 of his drivers in calais a few months ago and enquired what he thought about job etc. He seemed to like job , good kit , varied work , etc etc so i asked what money was? Oh dear there is the problem.