Reversing help needed

I am about to start my first class 1 job since passing on Friday, so I have zero practical class 1 experience.

I went out today on the w+d as a drivers mate, so I had a good look how it drives, but on the Leicester run it’s all forward and no reversing, but I am on the Derbyshire run and may well have to back up.

my question is that I will be driving an a frame drag and the guy I was with told me that it has 2 points of articulation which inverts your reverse twice, so to steer it you turn the opposite way to an artic, which would mean that you turn the same as a rigid? does anyone have any input on this? or better still has anyone driven an a frame?

I can’t get any practice until I do the job for real, and no training school runs a frames so that’s out. I would just really like any advice.

Your best bet is find a quite services on your way out and just have a play round, I’ve never done w+d but I thought the reverse would work on same principal as a full length trailer??!

thanks yt, I live right on the doorstep so there are no services on my route, I’m hoping I can get to play in the yard where I drop the drag.

it has 2 pivot points, one on the towing eye, one on the front axle, so it makes sense that it would invert your steering twice leaving you back with rigid type direction steering. it’s a bit nerve wracking that I won’t find out till I’m in at the deep end. the driver today also told me that the trailers are really lazy which isn’t helping my nerves any, if you try and put some lock on it takes it about 20 yards to react he said.

I wouldn’t take much notice from what other drivers say the majority talk out their ■■■… You’ll be reet! And I can honestly say I’ve learnt something new there mate.

If you need a few shunts, so what your only human!

It’s an art form. Takes a lot to master and a great deal of patience. Nothing remotely like an artic or close coupled w+d.

You may find you have a coupling on the front of the vehicle. If this is the case, often easier to uncouple and recouple at the front.

Just take your time and try not to get too frustrated.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

take youre time see if you can have a play in the yard before you go out on the run. keep taking shunts when you need to dont worry about other drivers looking at you at the end of the day everyone has been in youre shoes admitadly ive never done wagon and drag i only do artic but as im still new ish i keep taking shunts and most importantly if you think youre close to something get out and look its much better than carrying on and hitting something good luck you will soon pick it up once youve reversed a couple times

Not much to say as its all been mentioned, have you tried YouTube? I know there’s plenty on there about reversing, not sure about a frame though :open_mouth:

The above advice about finding a services or other quiet place and having a play for half an hour is good, as Pete Smythe says they are unique and reverse like nothing else, but not something to be afraid of.

If the trailer is ‘‘lazy’’ its probably longer wheelbase than the prime mover so reacts slowly, this is greatly to your advantage as a short trailer behind a long PM is a right PITA and you really struggle to keep up with it.

There is no point whatsoever trying to give advice for one of these, the relationship between the pivot on the front of the A frame and the frame itself pivoting you will see in moments what it’s going to do.

As with all manoeuvering, start with spotlessly clean and adjusted mirrors and windows and take your time, and as said above take no bloody notice of any monkey boys sniggering as you practice, i can absolutely guaranatee not one of them will come over and offer to do it for you, anyone skilled enough to do so might stroll over and offer advice though which you should listen to.

You’ll be fine.