Returning to Driving

After a 7 year layoff (not my fault) i regained my C+E. Took my cpc and adr. I thought.Get a bit of weekend work to refamiliarise myself. Then look for a full time job. Easier said than done. I need, i’ve been told by a number of agencies to have driven within last 6 months. Anybody got any suggestions round this Leeds area. Would like to get back to full time driving eventually. But dont want to quit my job till im sure. Thanks in anticipation

Could try Downtons in Morley…Think they have some casual wkend work…If thats any help.

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Thanks. I will.

Right glad i didnt jump into quitting my job… Not had one reply yet. And they were for full time jobs… Makes me wonder whether i should bother at all…

There seems to be quite a few firms that will start you with no experience around Leeds for a full time job but being in a similar boat although looking for Class 2 weekend work I have found it very tough

Still a bit early in the year mate but should start to pick up soon. I also registered with various agency’s late last year and heard nothing for some months then got a call out the blue from one of them for local pallet stuff. Jumped at the opportunity to ‘prove’ myself to the agency and although the agency have me working in another type of work at the moment, they are confident with me now and when any more driving comes up after I’ve finished this stint, my name’s on the list as opposed to the last desperate try for them to fill a position.

When they are up against it in terms of lack of available drivers, it’s amazing how lenient they suddenly become on this must have recent experience thing.

Just a bit disappointed. Especially when one sees and hears the exploits of the so called “professional” foreigners. Last boss i worked for just lost his best! Romanian driver… 6 accidents in 10 months… Says it all…

You could contact Smarter Recruitment in Bradford if you fancy working weekend shifts for Hovis.

I’ve had similar issues, I’m class 2 and only want weekend and bank hols, hardly anything, got a few shifts last summer. Hoping Easter will be better! Good luck phantom!