Hi all, just had to tell someone about my result today. I’m in the process of wanting to do my hgv licence, had medical and just waiting for my provisional to come through.

I spoke to my dad who is also a hgv driver and asked if he could ask his boss for me to come out as a sort of work experience to learn the ropes as I am wanting to do my licence, any way his boss said yes and then also said “I know a place that will train him up for free as long as he works for them” to cut a long story short he meant his place. As luck has it he had to get rid of a driver not so long ago, I will have to work my way up the ranks but he said with in two years I will be doing my class 1.

So on Friday im off to have a chat with him and hopefully all goes well. Big grin on my face for the rest of tonight i think.

That’s great. All the best with it. Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Fantastic. Any idea what the company’s main trade is? Do they do pallets or something a little more interesting.

All the best and keep us updated.