Rest over a Two Day Shift and Keeping Records [Merged]

Hello all this is my first ever post, got a few questions to ask regarding shifts starting at night and ends early hours, see below. May i have some advice regarding rest to be taken etc relating to the WTD, as the driving hours rules in this case is easier for me to wrap my head around.

Start: 1900
Finish 0600-0900
Start driving between 1900-2100
Rests minimum of 45+ minutes
Other Work (X-Hammers) Varies in times
Other work conducted at either a single of multiple drop(s)

1. If i start and end at the times above (roughly), regarding the rules for WTD, outside of drivers hours, roughly at what point (times) will i be required to take my rests etc?
2a. Will i be required to put my tacho on rest when i’m resting under WTD although i’m still legal under drivers hour?
2b. If during my driving and i’m only 2 hours in (for example), will i be required to stop and rest (changing the tacho) to stay legal under WTD?
3. Is there a way for viewing shift activities outside of downloading the card and printing from the Tacho?

I’ve done a couple of shifts already, and although on downloading my card there are no infringements being displayed (pictures taken), i’d rather not fall fowl of VOSA should the i ever be stopped on a random spot check thinking i’m doing the right thing when i’m really not?!

Thank you all for taking your time and all advice greatly appreciated.



To keep it tidy, I’ve merged your two topics into one. dd.

WTD rules are pretty simple
Breaks less than 15 mins do not count
Do not work (driving+other work) for more than 6 hours at any time during your shift without taking a 15 min break
As you are likely to be working (driving+other work) for more than 9 hours in your shift then a total of 45 mins needs to be recorded

Driving time breaks
Do not record more than 4.5 hours of driving without taking at least a 45 min break
That 45 min break can be split into a 15 followed by a 30

Breaks can count for both WTD and driving time but the rules on driving time breaks take preference

Example for a 14 hour shift
work 2 hrs + drive 3 hrs
break 15 mins = 15 for WTD + 1st 15 of a split driving time break
work 1 hr + drive 1.5 hrs (now got to max 4.5 driving time)
break 30 mins = 30 for WTD + 2nd of a split driving time break = driving time now reset for another 4.5 hours
total shift time at this point is 8 hrs 15 mins
work 1 hr 45 mins + drive 4 hrs = 5hrs 45 mins so not reaching 6 hours for a WTD break
End shift