Reset password email?

I assume the email prompting people to change their password is a little late being sent out?

It’s not a requirement to change it again is it?

Trying to drum up traffic and get people back on here I presume?

That’s helpful Tachograph :joy:

Didn’t even see what you had posted in reply.

Sorry my bad.

What I wrote was:
I also had another email today telling me to change my password, but as I’m still logged in, I’m assuming it’s a mistake of some sort.

I got that email today three days after I’d signed in. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would guess that now the site is up all former members will be getting that email regardless whether or not they have found the new site themselves. There does seem to be a few arriving who haven`t been around for a while.

Well…or equally, helping members know the site is upnrunning again?
All down to perception?

Still waiting for my email

Simon has asked 3 times for an email to be sent he is still waiting