Require help from you experts

Hello Guys, I have just passed my Class one test on 16th this month, I am waiting for my licence to arrive with my CE category added on it, I have been to quiet a few agencies that recruit drivers, I have been looking for work online as well many of the places want me to attach CV it would be really helpful if someone could give me draft of good CV that could help me get a job as an HGV driver.
I am not looking to give out any false information on there but just a draft on what should it look like what to include and things.

I have done my medical in February and within this months I have passed all the Tests, CPC, Theory, Class2, Class1 with all the money I have been saving for this. Very excited to get a new job. By the way I am in Leicester so if there is anyone who know any jobs going around who would be happy to give newbie like me a job.


Have you tried driver hire in Leicester?

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Pop in to Widdowsons as they often take on newbies