Repair to aluminum wheel rim

Does anyone have any info if a repair is possible on a Alcoa Durabright? If so, where can I get it done?

The rim isn’t buckled; it was dragged along the road a short distance after a puncture.

Possibly, to do it properly you really need somewhere with laser welding capabilities though (very few places and may not be cost effective).

there is a place in Swansea that repair alloy wheels, not sure what it would do to the Durabrite coating though

Iam not too sure but I think we had some aly wheels skimed and re polished at Alfreton ,although not to Durabright standard these were just Alcoas ,the firm could of been Metmachexs engineering just off the A38 /B600 by Gs worths ,might be worth a try .

can you remember how much they charged Dan?

Sorry it was 2002 ,but they come up on google .

Thanks for the advice so far guys. Thinking might get it repaired and keep it for fitting to an inside position. For what it’s worth, just been quoted £455 - 480 for a replacement rim (9.00 x 22.5)

This morning’s update; Metmachex had a look at the rim (thanks for the tip Dan :slight_smile: ). They only do HGV rims these days, but declared this one u/s.

Found a replacement online at Tyre-Line for £320, using same part number as stamped on the rim.

Scrap value at 70p per kg is £17, so a repair is viable on cost if it’s not too tragic.

One further item of interest; that wheel has been on for just over a year (approx 40, 000 km); a quick jet wash and the inside face has come up virtually as new!

Love them Shiny’s.