Renewing my licence

Now I’m nearly 45 I am having to renew my licence.

My medical went fine, but on the dvla form it asks if I wish to renew my provisional lorry entitlement.

Now I have a class C And D atm, but do I need to answer yes to this question to keep my provisional C+E entitlement, which I am considering taking in the near future ?

I’m guessing yes to your question but make sure that that particular renewal is free along with your medical renewal. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but make sure everything is filled in correctly especially the eyesight test…I know your optician has filled it in for you but mine answered a question yes instead of no thus DVLA revoking my licence…oh yes,2 frigging months I’ve been without it.what a bleeding nightmare it’s been. Only just found out I’ve got it back yesterday

Pity you did not mention you were nearing D4 medical time because you could have simply changed the photo and got 5 years more free - providing it was your first licence issued since dec 2012