Renault Premium

Possible to reset computer to clear error codes using keyfob? Told to basically lock it twice and give it 5 minutes then restart. I’m having issues with it thinking its losing too much air pulling 3 line trailer it was fine this morning… So much for a decent finish time today it’s only Friday after all

I have cleared a couple of minor codes his way, lock it with the fob then press lock again within ten minuts, you will hear the master relay clunk.

Aye that similar to what I was told lock it then again within 5-10 seconds then start her up after 5-10 minutes and drive round in a circle wtf? Lol :laughing:

Don’t know about the driving round and round bit! Is that clockwise or anti. :smiley:

Hahaha! ■■■■ wish I’d thought of that question at the time… Guess il try both ways :wink:

Does this type of thing usually happen when you have a 2 line unit and 3 line trailer? Said it was caused by me sitting with the handbreak on for a few hours waiting to be tipped… On the bay now so can’t try it until I’m off, already had the guys moaning for me sitting with engine running lol

Cant remember the last time i saw a 3 line trailer.
But some time get abs and trailer brake faults when stretching or shrinking a skelly.

Double locking will clear some faults off the dash… Mine had a bulb fault show this morning, although I didnt have a bulb out… Double lock, and leave for 5 mins and then there’s no fault showing.
The double lock is the same as isolating the batteries on the older models. Bear in mind that it cuts all power, except to the tacho. So if you double lock when you go home, your fridge will be nicely defrosted by morning, and your night heater wont have kicked in if you’ve pre-set :frowning:

If you weren’t losing air this morning, then it sounds like you’ve developed an air leak, or the air suspension has depleted due to the bay staff going in and our of your trailer…having a 2 line unit with a 3 line trailer shouldn’t usually cause a problem.

Go chuck it in the scrap heap where the rest of the ■■■■ trucks are…!!!