Renault Premium Privilege

Has anyone ever driven one of these trucks? The company I work for have just got one on loan while my truck is in for a service, it’s a 2008 reg so quite old. Has anyone got anything good to say about them? I’ll be trunking tonight with it and not looking forward to it to be honest.

I’ve got plenty of good things to say about them and hardly anything bad to say about them. A 2008 model will be the 450bhp version. Its got a Volvo engine and gearbox, so you won’t go wrong there. Comfortable enoght for trunking in too. Extremely easy to drive.

I used to tramp in one, they were a vast improvement over the old model.
Comfortable, far more grunt, auto gearbox is great, the only complaint was a bit cramp for my left leg in the footwell and lack of outside locker space, probably not a big issue when trunking.

Basically they’re a very under rated truck.

+1 on both of the above, and I’ve driven them from the 340bhp Renault engined days, with 8 speed slapper box, to the more recent Volvo power units, and they are far superior now, to what they have ever been.

On an 08 plate, it might have seen better days trim/panel wise, but pound for pound you can’t go wrong.

And before anyone says,“They’re not as good as a Megatrotterspacecab”, remember, they are a fleet truck.


Great trucks I like them, the gear selector took me a while to get used to, esp in a position where your are back/forward/back/forward/back/forward. The unit suspension control is different from every other truck I drove, couldn’t get it to reset to normal ride position. They ones I’m talking about were I think 12 plates. You will enjoy it, What truck do you usually drive?

As above i think they are alright as far as a fleet truck goes, the only downside for me is no aux in socket for my ipod have to resort to an fm transmitter to listen to my podcasts which aint the best

I had one new in 07 and still think its one of the nicest,comfiest,easiest to drive trucks ive had. People who compare them to the old model just because of the name ain`t got a clue.

Had a 470 62plate, cpl weeks ago on milk trunking , pleasantly surprised easy to drive , ok for day/trunk runs wouldnt like to spend a week away in them though …

Didn’t know they did a 470.


I’ve done 9 days straight in one, no complaints at all. There’s plenty worse to be stuck in.

It would appear from the replies on Renault that the penny has finally dropped that the Premium is a very very good truck !!!.

It’s a good truck.

It’s the same old story. Most people who knock it haven’t driven one. These are the same type of people who are Scania/Volvo fanboys who haven’t driven a Scania/Volvo either.
It’s a good truck that does what you expect it to. Easy to use, nice to drive and the Privelege has decent spec for a fleet motor.

I tramped in an 08 Premium for a bit. No complaints at all, I found it well designed and built.

Lol an 08 plate isn’t “old”. Spoiled nowadays! :slight_smile:

Its got everything you need, but very little you want. The Premium is good truck.

Thanks guys, I took it out last night and it was the first time I’ve driven a Renault. It was a nice comfortable ride, good performance. The gearbox was great. It now makes me wonder what the magnum is like? I’m happy I will have my regular wagon back tonight, its 2013 MAN TGX 480 and I must say its the best thing I’ve ever driven. It feels like I’m driving a block of flats!

Didn’t know they did a 470.


Opps typing in the dark, my mistake I meant 460

the radio is a pfaff play with the controls b4
you set off

the radio is a pfaff play with the controls b4
you set off

Agreed. I’ve had one for over 2yrs now and still find the steering wheel controls a pain in the ■■■■. Easier just to use the buttons on the radio itself.