Renault premium privilege mats or carpets?

Does any body know where I can get mats or carpets for my recently allocated truck ? tried e-bay and amazon, no luck. Would like to keep truck tidy, any replies appreciated ,, There just what I found on google the last 2 being a European website so wether there only left hand drive matts I’m not sure. Have a good search on eBay there must be something surely. Obviously the main dealer will have them but I imagine at a price. Hope that’s off some help or that’s 2 minutes off my life ill never get back lol.

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Pages 74-80.

Don’t buy them off Renault anyway, their prices are ridiculous.

Try Truckersoutlet. Uk he’s on eBay and he has his own website if you can’t see what you want email him and he sorts it out ,but I know he can do premium mats and engine covers as he quoted and supplied a friend of mine I think they were quilted pleather ( plastic leather) in a range of colours , he supplied me with a engine cover for my stralis and it was decent quality and was only £50 which I didn’t think was excessive , I reckon it was £99 for mats and engine cover. … 3390wt_977
And theyre lined, so nice and dark when you close them.

Other Premium stuff … =535747444

I read on here a while ago that this is a good company, i am getting a new motor in a couple of weeks and will be buying something off this site.

Thanks kindle530 , have ordered a set,should keep the truck tidy and warmer in the winter

Glad to have been of service, let us know what you think of them when you get them!

my mate just bought a set for his MAN (both sides and middle) for 40 quid,from the stockyard.they look alright to me…and they have them in stock.
might get some myself.

The Renault curtains are rubbish, a rip off & they’re not even lined. :unamused:

I just can’t be dealing with tassles though! :laughing: