Removals to France / export

Can anyone tell me if you need any paperwork to do a personal removal to France, i.e in a hired lorry with the possessions of a personal residence in it only.
It’s a mate of mine we are moving and he will be travelling separately in his own car.


make sure you have all the vehicle documents with you … maybe a letter of some kind stating it is a personal removal from someone might help as the first thing the old Gendarmes or Doaunes always ask for is your “Authority to trade in the EC” which is a light blue slip of paper and there is no way you will have one of these

If using a hired Truck, you must have a letter from the Hiring Company authorising the Truck to be used abroad in Europe, the letter we normally have basically states that the vehicle xxxx is permitted to leave the UK, and that the authorised drivers are xxxx a contact number for the company in case of emergency, also required is the log book, registration document (If privately Owned) or the Hire Agreement if Rented, copy of insurance for vehicle.

as for private removals, I dont think paperwork is required as you can provide the delivery address and show that the hirer is moving to that address, if however, your hiring the vehicle on behalf of somebody, it could complicate matters, so the best thing is to get the person who is moving to hire the vehicle.