Remote control scaled trucks

gotta laugh just got one off ebay 1/18 stobart daf xf full trailer lights air horn engine sound even pallet of goods anyway gona have fun practising my reversing in carpark etc as it operates as artic would :sunglasses: anyone else got one :question:

got a link to page so I can see what you got?? … K:MEWAX:IT … K:MEWAX:IT

If it reverses very slow and steady (eddie :blush: ) then it is a good buy :slight_smile:

mate of mine had one years ago used it too practice ,i might set it up down the local carpark challenge the i can do that brigade too get it in 2 shunts for a fiver !!! seriously if it is like my mates one you can practice all scenarios even beep the airs :laughing: cmon postie :cry:

Want want want :smiley:

I had a tinplate tractor and trailer from Hawkins Bazaar .I thought it was great, but still failed the C+E.

YEAH but mines for fun while waiting for job i passed my 1 first time with just 12 hours of tuition :stuck_out_tongue:

As the vehicle is an Eddie Stobart motor, don’t bother with reversing, simply charge down the front of the queue, pull your curtains open and demand to be tipped NOW NOW NOW!, and threaten to report the company to Eddie if they don’t tip you. :wink: