Red Moss and Heathergill A74

Found myself looking for a park up Scotch other night, made for Red Moss Hotel (or Roadhouse as it was once known)
It’s years since I stayed there, …bloody place shut down. :open_mouth:

How long has it been closed?.., it used to be a good place to stop.

Anybody who does not know it, it’s on the old A74, running parallel between Abington MSA and Cairn Lodge MSA, both of which are usually full…Can’t understand why drivers would prefer one of those crap holes to a place with good food,.good atmosphere, with a lounge, and a pint if you want one…I’m assuming it closed through lack of use, …drivers eh? :unamused:

So went on to Hethergill.Crawford, parked on SNAP, friendly guy the owner told me it was a fiver off a meal, but when I asked for a shower he told me only 3 quid off a meal. :unamused:
Also not all the meals were able to be used by the voucher which I thought was a bit much tbh.
Anyway,.couldn’t fault the food,…with a pint.

Only complaint no after hours toilets, and the place does not start to 8am, to use that toilet…so if you wake up in morning desperate for the khazi,.the nearest n/b one is 30 mins away. :unamused:

Last time I ate in the Red Moss I needed another shower after from the smell of cooking and I’ve also experienced the Heathergrill :unamused: