Red light cameras dartford tunnel

I went past the dartford tunnel traffic lights today when they just turned to amber. the ones that stop you when they want to bring out oversized vehicles into the tunnel road. went past they went amber as i past the first set, and the second set of the two, was still amber, but not sure if the trailer cleared it before it went red. At 40mph and wet no way i would have been able to stop. Someone mentioned on here theres only a camera on the first set (you can see it on google maps), but no camera on the second set, but maybe the camera on the first can see that far? i understand all the vehicle has to be over the line, but at that speed and in the rain, iā€™m pretty sure stopping distance would bee over 200ā€™ so pretty impossible to stop between the two traffic lights you go past. Think about 2 lorry lengths so around 120ā€™