Red L plates - uncommon issue

Sorry, that will be slightly off topic again, but I can’t find information on the google (maybe I am looking wrong :frowning: ) so I want to ask you.

Red L plates means that there is driver under instruction in the vehicle. Green P plates means that there is freshly-passed driver in the vehicle.

My girl has driving license 13 years, but over 11 she’s not driving (she had a car accident, as a passenger and she had a long time trauma). Now she’s back ready to drive, but I must teach her from the scratch.

She has driving license, and our car is insured for her, so legaly is everything ok. We even tried some driving in some industrial estates ad sunday evening, but now it’s time to go to the road. She asked me if we can use L plates to warn other drivers and I am confused.

From the one side: there is driver under instruction in the vehicle. From the other - she got her driver’s license longer then me.

What do you think?

just put them on the car, its not illegal

Ok, thanks. That’s what I was thinking, but I prefered to be sure.

just put them on the car, its not illegal

Yes it is.

Red L plates can only be displayed on a car when a learner is driving under instruction or the car is being driven by a driving instructor/driving school car.

Orys look for Motor Vehicle (Driving Licence) Regulations or the Highway Code also makes reference.

You could look into getting some of those ‘DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION’ magnets. Not quite a big red L, but will inform other road users what’s going on.

As snafu said, it’s illegal to have L-plates on a vehicle unless it’s being driven by a provisional license holder, or unless it’s a driving school vehicle.

However, P-plates have no official meaning in UK law, so you can do whatever you like with them.

it may not be technicaly legal to use them but her confidence is more important. I’d put them on and warn us when and where you’ll be teaching her.

Learner drivers
Learners driving a car MUST hold a valid provisional licence. They MUST be supervised by someone at least 21 years old who holds a full EC/EEA licence for that type of car (automatic or manual) and has held one for at least three years.

[Laws MV(DL)R reg 16 & RTA 1988 sect 87]

Vehicles. Any vehicle driven by a learner MUST display red L plates. In Wales, either red D plates, red L plates, or both, can be used. Plates MUST conform to legal specifications and MUST be clearly visible to others from in front of the vehicle and from behind. Plates should be removed or covered when not being driven by a learner (except on driving school vehicles).

should does not mean MUST, there isn’t a law saying you cant leave them on.
all the laws are about when you have to put them on not take them off, they must have thought they didn’t need one as most people can’t wait to throw them away

Just put the plates on. A copper won’t do anything.
Legal or not.
But don’t tell that Beverley Bell.

This was one subject that I checked out recently so I CAN give you the definitive answer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The displaying of L plates on any vehicle is not illegal to do.

HOWEVER - If it was involved in an incident where it was deemed that the L plates caused confusion in any way, then that may be used against the driver.

I ASSUMED that it was illegal to display if the learner was not behind the wheel unless on a driving school vehicle but I was wrong - always pays to ask the experts - as I am finding out a lot recently…
… it also stops those embarrassing apologies :blush: :blush:


From the stick I got on another topic maybe I need to contact an expert :laughing:

I would buy the green L plates and stick them on.
It would warn other drivers that although the driver has a full licence she is still needing some experience and is not thoroughly confident as yet.
Basically the green L plates mean new driver - and as she has not driven for some time then she is ‘new’ to it once again so that would be the correct situation for them to be used.

No need for red L plates or green L or P plates.

Sell the car and get a Nissan Micra. She’ll be given plenty of room. :laughing: