Red Eye and The Responder

Did anyone see these two television dramas and what did you think of them?
I thought Red Eye was very well made and interesting and Martin Freeman in The Responder did a brilliant job playing the cop in with the Liverpool drug cartel.

Haven’t watched Red Eye, but I liked the first series of Responder. Couldn’t watch the second series, I didn’t like the starting point… (SPOILER ALERT)…

with his missus making a life with that conspiratorial former detective, and wanting to take the kid away.

I quite liked the ITV/C4 drama, The Gathering, good character development, and a kick in the teeth to those “pushy parents”

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Yes, Red Eye was very good…


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And what about The Outlaws with Stephen Merchant, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the one liners are pure comedy gold, and is quite funny.

It was riveting but why didn’t the aircraft run out fuel as it was flying for a 6 weeks in the drama series?
The captain with the pony tail curled up in a bun didn’t look right to me?

Love the FZR , 750 or the 1000?

Thanks; it’s a 750


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A beautiful machine , I always pined for the 750 or the 1000 but eventually got a CBR 1000.

I watched Red-Eye to the end, but really because I had started so I’ll finish sort of thing.

I thought the plot was a bit beyond reality and let the whole thing down.
For instance, is it really true that a British citizen with a British passport can be turned around in a British airport and told he is being sent back to China ‘because he isn’t on British soil because he hasn’t passed through immigration.’?

Britain doesn’t allow extradition to a foreign country without a rigorous inspection of it in a British court. In any case it involved an alleged murder in China, a country that has the death penalty. Beyond belief, literally.

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It was a tad far fetched, and the body count was high.

Aint watched Red Eye.
Started to watch s2 of Responder last night, was a tad confused as I/we didnt remember much about s1.
So watching (and enjoying) s1 again while catching up.

Are the Old Bill really like that? Or just dramatic licence.
If they are they are, they are even worse than I thought.:smiley:

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You are right about series one and two linked together in the storyline for series two but in series two they could have gone in too more detail about S1 to make S2 make a bit more sense.

I have just caught up with all The Outlaws, dead pan humour and the one liners are comedy gold.

I can thoroughly recommend Time with Sean Bean as a prisoner in for dangerous driving and Time about the female prison, both riveting viewing and very accurate portrayals of the life inside a male and female prison.

i couldnt comment on all forces but it was strange that if anyone complained about the 1 person brothel being run next door to my parents or about the woman in it who subsecuently married the chief honcho you would get a spate of being stopped or followed by the police for silly things

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My local force is Cleveland Police, our newly re-elected Tees Valley Mayor famously said “Cleveland Police are not fit for purpose and should be chucked in the bin.”
CP has had numerous inquiries into corruption, there are frequent CP coppers being jailed, 27 Sep 2019 Cleveland Police declared the UK’s first ‘failing force’.

My favourite one is where they had a whistleblower informing on them to a journalist, so they used the anti-terrorism legislation (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) to tap the journo’s phone.

In court the Judge asked the police “What on earth made you think you could use anti-terrorism legislation against this journalist?”

Their response: “Oh, we’re sorry, we didn’t realise we weren’t allowed to use the act that way…”

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal sitting in London ruled that the authorisations obtained under RIPA were unlawful and ordered they be quashed.

So yeah, the Police are that bad, at least they are around here.

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My local police force are in special measures for poor performance.

Not exactly in the same league as the Guildford 4 fit up.

The Sweeney sometimes got close but Law and Order A Coppers Tale got terrifyingly close to the mark to the point of of the BBC obviously not repeating it if possible.