Red Dragon driving school Cardiff

Hey everyone, just about to book my training for Class 2 then Class 1 & I’m just wondering if anybody on here has had any experience (good or bad) with them as so far I’ve had 1 positive & 1 negative opinion!! Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi and welcome to the forum. I don’t know Red Dragon (they’re a long way from me) but they do appear on the Recommended List on this forum. I’ve had a look at the website; they don’t make any daft claims. I would want to visit (as always) and check what the vehicles are like. I’m not convinced that they will be running the trucks shown on the site - though that is only my gut feeling and not based in fact.

IMO they have fallen into the trap of not clearly displaying their fees - but that doesn’t make them bad trainers.

Good luck with your decision, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Before you book, have a look at Big Wheelers, based in llanishen. I passed all my tests with them and found them very helpful and a decent price.
Also they give you the option to do your class 1 in an artic or wagon and drag, with 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 tuition, again all up to your preferance.

Thanks both for the reply, I actually considered Big Wheelers first but I got a recommendation for Red Dragon through someone I know!! This is such a bloody awkward decision!!! Haha!!

So book asessments at both! Simples!!

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

I considered that but thought it’d be a waste of their time but I think I will actually do that. Thanks again.

No pictures of their rigid fleet, although from the placeholders they’re the old style CF’s (just like their artic), to be honest, not a bad vehicle to drive, in my experience anyway. Infact there’s a picture of the dash from that model in my gallery album if you want to familiarize yourself with it.

I did both my class 2 and class 1 with Red dragon back in 2007. I went there for my class 2 due to my desire to get my class 2 and it was there or Brighton. I went back there voluntarily straight after do my class 1.

I liked the trainers then, prices seemed fair and people seemed easy to get along with. I passed both tests first time so I got the product I wanted at the time I wanted at a price I was prepared to pay.

That is about it for me, hope that helps some


Couldn’t get an assessment with Red Dragon for at least a month so I will do my training with Big Wheelers. Had an assessment for Class 2 today & he suggested 20 hours, so I shall hopefully pass my theory & hazzard perception in a little over a week then get started!!

Couldn’t get an assessment with Red Dragon for at least a month

I find that amazing! Many trainers rely on assessments for bookings - so not to make them available for a month seems a bit wappy to me.

But I’m pleased you’ve made your decision and wish you all the best with your training and test.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

The reason the gave me was that they are in the process of changing their trucks due to a new legislation for November…

I can’t imagine that anyone would need to change their trucks to cope with carrying a load of 5 tonnes. But if that’s their reason, so be it.

Pete :laughing: :laughing: