Red Diesel France

Mate of mine running with fridge which is unusual for us will be needing red diesel. Running from reims to barcelona…but needs some earlier raher than later. Anyone know of as24 that has it on that route down past Lyon ? Thanks

AS24 in Macon has it but a ■■■■■ to find & both in lyon have it. Sorry can’t be of much help with addresses but if you go to their web site you should be able to get directions & addresses. Good luck.

This may be a bit too late but bear with me I’ll go and get my AS24 directory.

It does depend on when your friend is leaving , so if it’s from when you posed this I presume he will be well on his way by now.
there are quite a few on the way down but here are 3 around the Lyon area and one a bit further down.

Villefranche sur Saone - (less than 1km from exit)
A6 , jnc 31 , up slip to rdbt T/R over A6 next rdbt T/L (D76) AS24 on right

A46 , jnc 12 , follow signs to ZI des Meurieres

Lyon - Corbas
A46 , jct 13 , follow signs to ZA de Corbas-Montmartin

A7 Le Relais de Roussillon (south of Lyon)
1st service area after the Vienne peage, (service area solely for LGV’s)

Let me know if I can help you any more with details of others, either before Lyon or down towards the border