Red Banner - please kill it!

Admin please get rid of that awful red banner that we get everytime we log on to the site!

Thank you…

Or at least give us the opportunity to remove it ourselves.

It is rather large, I’ll admit.

It has to be there for now so that folks know that they can keep their old username, but must do the lost password thing because passwords could not be migrated.

I’ll feed this back to the I.T. Team to see what can be done about it, so I’ll get you an answer.

Does the green cookie thing need to be there? Surely you only need to confirm cookies once :woman_shrugging:

I understand that it needs to be there or rather something of its ilk however does it have to be in such stupid colours the email address is unreadable if you have the default colour scheme. primary colours are just that we have had approx 65k colours since the 90’s