Recut tyre ?

Would you say that these tyres have been recut?

And would you be happy to have them on a steering axle?

I would say no to being cut as you can still see the tread bar indicator but I wouldn’t have them on a steer axle. They are a bad shape now. Good luck

Personally would cut a drive but def not a steer no chance

These days dont even bother recutting the drives either

Unless someone has found a way to leave in the wear indicators-then no they aint been re-cut. I think they are just old and starting to perish.
I would not be overjoyed to have them on a steer axle.

Its not very even worn either so it is probably breaking up. Rubber is cracking and that not good either. Be God on a silage heap that’s all lol

no…but i dont like the look of em…but i used to cut steers /drives /trailers… would have cut the wheelbarrow tyre if i could have stopped the wheel turning…

No chance, defect book where are you ?

We have to have 3mm minimum across the tyre, company policy.

I used to take a pride in my recutting, could even duplicate a Pirelli Carriload…and i bet none of you have seen one of those for many a year :wink: , never managed to cut convincing wear bars though.

I doubt that will be on for long, will it just take the wing out when it goes or remove the complete headlight assembly by the roots too… :open_mouth:

“Never mind about that Drive, get your arse into gear or you’ll be late for your booking at Tesco…”

I think you can just about see the metal cords in the last pic, so it’s illegal.

If you get water in the metal cords & they rust, it’s a blowout waiting to happen.

As someone has said, rubber has a shelf life & does perish eventually.

Can see wire on the 3rd pic so it’s illegal, definite PG9 and an endorsement, doesn’t look to have been cut but looks old perished and likely to fail.

There are some fools in the industry who like to be on an amber with Vosa obviously.
It will cost you or kill you !

get a black marker and colour in the cracks it’ll be reight !!!

Deffinately a remould, not sure about being re-cut, if it’s a re-cut remold it is about as safe as a canoe with a hole in the bottom :laughing:
I wouldn’t drive it.

get a black marker and colour in the cracks it’ll be reight !!!

Crack on! :laughing:

Badly worn on the outer edge in the first picture as well!

Thanks gor the replies boys … well the ones that were sensible !

I shall pass these onto my mate :wink:

If you get points for this you will be sorry ,write it in defect book make the boss sign the book ,vosa and police love tyres!

I had 9 points on my licence and i didn,t inform my insurance company ,that cost me nearly £800 . :angry:

That tyre has not been recut.It still has sipe bars in the grooves

It about as old as bloody Methusala though.Its bloody scrap.