Recommendations please

Hi all,

Thanks for having me here.

I am on my way to becoming LGV driver, I have already done Module 1 and 2 and got my tachograph.

I have called few places that do 5 day traing course and been quoted between £1200 and £1300 for mudule 3 and another £250 to £300 for module 4. I know I will have to pay that sort of money to get my licence BUT would like to know if you can recoomend any reputable training centres in Leicester or even Leicestershire. I dont want to hand that to a broker/dodgy trainers.


I live in Kent and iam soon as to go to petesmythe training in Nottinghamshire.Ive done alot of research and he is by far the best.Good luck.

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DATA academy Leicester - Tell Rick and Dorien that ROG says Hi
Bit further in north Notts - Peter Smythe - the sponsor of this forum
There are others but those two immediately come to mind as initial recommendations