RE: The Cruel behaviour thread

At the request of the person making the thread, and because passions are running very high, this has been moved to a private area. Some allegations have been made against an individual (not as far as we know a member here) and while that person was not named on here, he has been named on other social networks. I would like to see our journalists investigate the claims and get a response, and I believe all those that use here that know the situation would also like this. In order to see if that can happen in a fair way to all sides with the agreement of the person making the thread it has been removed.

I do need anyone involved in this to mail to me via e-mail or PM in private

  1. their version of events
  2. any e-mails/letters etc
  3. wether they are willing to go on record

While we work on getting all sides of the story all other threads on the same issue will also be removed without warning.

I do also warn against conducting retribution on other websites, via phone or in person, it does no-one any good…