Rdw transport location


Does anyone know where the company RDW transport are based.
They run 2 vehicles as far as i know a Scania and a DAF.
Yellow in colour with quick as a wink on the cabs.

See them often hauling ARR Craib or Grampian trailers.

Contact address or phone number would be appreciated if possible.


Flying Scotsman…

Hi, there from forfar, go on scantunes website, the big scania is on there, might be able to get a number from it…

there’s a picture of their DAF just ended on ebay

cgi.ebay.co.uk/SCOTTISH-TRUCK-PH … 2eafd4b5c9

can’t make out any contact numbers though :frowning:

Cheers got photos of both but cant see any contact number or address on them.
Must be father and son as DAF has its a hard life working for your dad on the rear of cab.


there’s more pics on Brian Edgar’s website

public.fotki.com/Scottishtruckph … transport/