Raw bacon & bangers

I think its me just getting older ,and grumpy , but when i stop for a bacon or banger buttie from one of those very much loved layby cafes i cant stop watching them prepare my nosebag , and so far all touch the raw bacon and bangers then without washing there hands butter my rolls ,and make my cup of T , its never bothered me before but now it puts me off eating or drinking anything that raw meat has touched ,has all the media crap poisened my mind or am i just turning soft ? im sick of eating crisps , 1 Bacon Buttie = 5 bags of crisps , and then theres the raw burger issue !!!

Aye mate I know what you mean, I have a personal rule:

When stopped at a roadside cafe or van NEVER watch them, just don’t look. Get your food and enjoy it, but don’t think about where it came from!

Mind you, its probably not that dis-similar to many top notch restaurants, its just there you cant see it being made!


Dont be a bloody Wuss !!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

One of the biggest problems nowadays is the strict hygiene regs, when we were kids if you dropped a sweet etc you picked it up despite the possibility of germs, thats how your body builds up it’s immune system. With all this bacteria free enviroment nowadays the body does not get the germs and therefore never gets the immune system built up, thats why more and more kids are suffering from ill health.

ASK HERE :unamused: :wink: :laughing: :laughing:

Tell them you want it cooked well done for a start.

I agree im turning into a wuss , but thats the best advice , look the other way until its prepared, :wink:

theres a butty van on an estate by us, used to enjoy the sarnies which used to be cooked by a woman, it was only when i went in and her husband took over the cooking, just after he had finished messing with the engine of his car and taking a ■■■■ at the back of the van, too polite to say stick it so paid and binned it, never been back since!!
though not saying anything did have something to do with the german shephard sat in the boot of his car.

yuk ! maybe i wont look the other way ! AND WHY do they buy cheap nasty ketchup or brown sauce and pour it into brand named sauce bottles ■■ do they think we wont notice , the amount of times ive got a buttie then put sauce on it , which turns out to be cheap crap , and had to bin the buttie , i would,nt mind but the butties are creaping up in price :cry:

I reckon you’ve been down south with the southern nancy boys.

Just remember what you put in your mouth has to come out the other end, so the better the quality of the product the less chance of looking for those Imodium,s in a hurry when your ■■■■ cheeks start weakening from the food poisoning you have just fed yourself earlier on :laughing: :laughing:

If anything you can at least see what the person cooking the food is upto! Not like sitting in a restaurant not seeing whats happening behind closed doors…

Quite funny when i was at college i worked in the local factories canteen on an evenin and the training was great… problem was you sort of took a bit more notice when out and about with what people do then! :open_mouth:

As long as they dont really do anything dodgy, you know like pick their nose, scratch their arse then hold your sarny and go “want ketchup mate?” you’ll be alwight :laughing:

There are some right minging places though :wink:

when i was at college i worked in McDonalds and their hygene rules ( then!!!) were excellent. If you touched money you couldn’t touch the food - even to pick up and put in a wrapper!!!
Have you ever counted a bag of coins and then smelt your hands…
Money has a lot more germs on it than raw meat :open_mouth: