Queue jumpers at delivery points

Yesterday I had it happen to me for the first time in 8 months…There were 4 of us trucks/drivers waiting for this warehouse to open so we can do our deliveries, everyone sat in their cab. 1st guy had already backed up against the shutter door when I arrived, 2 more arrived after me. Warehouse lazy fu*** finally start their shift 20 mins late so 1st truck gets unloaded, drives off and I start to get in a position to back my truck in, however driver number 3 (in the queue) drives in at a 45 degree angle and starts to reverse, blocking me out…I decided to let him in rather than get in his way and cause all sorts of problems potentially, thinking hey he may only have a pallet or 2 so probably won’t be long. Well, he spent about 30 mins in there. By this point I had already waited for over an hour and 40 mins to make a delivery which usually takes me at most 30 mins (including waiting time) at this particular warehouse.

I raged so hard (internally) - I seriously considered parking my truck in front of his to block him in (the warehouse has 2 shutter doors so the other drivers wouldn’t be affected), lock my doors and go for a nap. Of course this would’ve led to me getting banned from the site(s) and consequently losing my job (agency) and not getting any work ever again from said agency and having to live off my pitiful savings for the foreseeable future sooo that didn’t happen.
I didn’t feel like taking the issue with the warehouse lazy fu**** or the driver or phone my company to complain, I just wanted to get back at this cheeky fella.

Very sad :blush: :imp:

Agency you say?..

You’re paid by the hour. Chill out, read the paper and make another hours money sat on yer backside.

Agency you say?..

You’re paid by the hour. Chill out, read the paper and make another hours money sat on yer backside.

Not really, this particular run usually takes me 7 to 7.5 hrs incl. breaks so I get to enjoy an early finish - my one joy working on agency as I still get paid for 8hrs. Yesterday took me exactly 8hrs 45mins. from start to finish (unloaded truck and debriefed). No problem with that but this ■■■■■■ guy, I wasn’t expecting that from one truck driver to another.

Usually thee blue eyed ones who do more drops than anyone else and will have a heart attack within 10 years.

Or “no speaks” who get what they want as no one can be bothered to argue. Heard from a few drivers who have boasted about doing that, except they remarkably developed a strong British accent when they go for the paperwork. :unamused:

only saw this once …scales says that’s it drive up to scale and park up for the night don’t park on the scale ok ,be ready at 630am…ok,other trucks line up behind ,good evening sitting on deckchairs chatting away about the world etc what the hell a scotchmans doing in the US :smiley: about 6am im up and draw curtain and a truck had bypassed the line up and reversed on to the scale and must have parked up for the night . Well by the time im out the door other drivers from behind had and were banging on his door threatning him with a kicking for line jumping ,this was not helped by early shift scale guy not giving ■■■■ and weighing him in . As they say he pulls off the scale jumps out bigging it up and a guy from behind me opens his jacket and the “big man” line jumper jumps back into his truck and hides……“conceal carry” guy says to me problem solved scottie .

I’ll be honest done it myself.at times. Get there have wait for truck in yard to leave.
If there another before me and I have only 1 pallet to drop off I’ll ask driver explain I only have 1 pallet 90% of them are fine with it.
And like wise if I have a full load and a transit van turns up I tell flt driver if he wants unload him I don’t mind…
Give and take is what I say.
But can’t be doing with tuffnelss and the like who because they go there every day think they should get priority

I often take full loads onto building sites, and when I’m trying to get tipped it really wipes my behind the wrong way to suffer the constant stream of puddle jumpers coming along trotting out the same old "I’ve just got this one lift to get off, hope you don’t mind…"crap. 1-2 I can live with, but after the 8th or so I just think the P is well and truly taken. Sure, I get paid by the hour, but delays like that can make the difference between making it home or not.

When I went back to driving in the 90s, I was given a delivery for a warehouse in Cheshire somewhere - four big pallets on a 7½ tonner. I get there just after lunch and trucks are queuing round the yard, so I fall in line behind. We move a couple of times, but there are still several in front of me when a guy comes up and asks to see my notes. He looks and tells me to pull out of the queue.

Of course, I am quite happy as I drive past the others, some of whom have been there a couple of hours already. I back on the bay, get tipped double quick and head back to the office to get my notes. There is a committee of angry drivers waiting there to congratulate me on my good luck - not. Luckily the boss comes out and explained that I had some stuff that was holding the job up and it wasn’t my fault, but I was certainly not popular that day.