Hi guys answers on a postcard please. Today i was going out on a job and was ment to be four of us. When i asked where the 4th person was going to sit i was told he could get up into the pod… I refused to do this as i think its illegal but he was adamint that we could and had a letter to prove it. When i asked him to produce the letter he said he couldnt find it so i stuck my ground and jst went with the 3 of us. Was i right or was he?

Im not 100% on this, but, im certain each person must be in a “designated” seat with seat belt. So like that mondeo that crashed with 6 people in it, there only should have been 5 as there are only 5 seats fitted to that vehicle.


You were right there must be adequate seating for the people in the vehicle unless you have one of them removal vans with the seats above it which are specially made for the purpose then you were right.

Everyone needs to have a seat and possible a belt to wear dependant on year etc.

Stand your ground on stuff like this.

I had a similar request when I was at Van Den Bosch. I had to bring an English driver back and 2 Germans via the tunnel in an FM12 with all their gear.

I refused for a while until they relented and let me come back on the Love Boat :stuck_out_tongue:

I called it a compromise :wink:

Cheers for the replys guys i thought i was in the right hehe… Yeh we dont have the seats upstairs only the two bunks… cheers

reminds me of the bad olde days
when we were weekended and one lucky driver was going back to the yard we all would park at dover remember when you could and hitch a lift back to yard with the lucky driver
there would be up to 6 drivers sometimes cramed in a renault magnum on a friday night for the drive back to newport the lucky one was the driver who had driving time left on his card he at least had the seat to himself
then do it all again sun evening or monday morning in reverse
oh joy

It is under the ‘construction & use’ regs - maybe someone could find the relevant link…
same as putting passengers in the back of a works van - big NO NO