Question about truck sat navs & weight limits

I am thinking of buying a truck specific sat nav but as quite a lot of the drops I do are to town centres with weight limits will it still route me there, just started working at another depot & don’t know the area at all & my old normal sat nav maps are out of date & its going to cost more to update than buy another unit so thought I would spend a bit more & get a truck one, any info would be great thanks

it wont be much of a truck sat-nav if it still routes you through weight limits now would it :slight_smile:

I have a tomtom truck and if the destination is inside a weight limit, it will say " no truck route found,do you want to use a car route instead" and gives a yes or no option
To get round this problem, i plan a truck route to within a few miles of my delivery point and and then use a car route from there.