Quarry safety passport

has anyone else on here had to do the quarry safety passport course■■? weve been told we had to do this course to do deliveries to quarries owned by lafarge

I did mine yesterday and was amazed at how easy it actually was mind you some of the slides were a bit gruesome :slight_smile: in the health and safety section

still thats another card to carry at this rate im going to need a bigger wallet with all these cards after doing the refesher for my pts card the day before

Tarmac are going to insist soon that the tanker drivers that go in to there quarries have to do this course aswell, which seems a bit strange seeing as the tipper drivers had to have it over a year ago.

If you’re on about the EPIC cards, we’ve had them for a while, my last one covered tipers & mixers but on renewal it only came back with tippers on it. If anyone sits it, I beieve the mixer section of the questions only has four questions on it, I’ll be ticking that as well next time I renew it. I’m not sure if the EPIC is recognised as part of the driver CPC yet, the guy who delivered our course said it was being considered which will be handy.

The course is a bit of a paper exercise I guess, but I was surprised a few things came up that one or two weren’t clear on. Any new drivers joining the fleet either have to already hold the card or thier employer has to have them booked on the next course otherwise they won’t get loaded if the card is requested & not available to be shown.