Quality chassis painterin the North?

Howdo chaps…long time…

can anybody recommend a quality chassis refinisher up here in Yorshire? I do not want a nasty £600 splash and dash affair!!

any recoms. appreciated.


Mads :smiley:

Globby480! :smiley:

Not exactly Yorkshire, but I use wyke commercials at irlam, Manchester. Do an excellent job, paint finish like a car, but they’re not cheap.

Now then young man :slight_smile: …ye could try the Mercedes Benz UK workshops at T-Tankersley, they’re pretty hot at painting trucks. Not sure if they do outside work but could be worth a try…
www2.mercedes-benz.co.uk/content … ct_us.html

A & J Haytons in Arkholme, not quite Yorkshire but one of the best your going to find up north by a long way!

Cracking body builders too!

try Andy at transpaint not far from you he is at heckmonwyke… paints most of ours…

Or you could try chubbliners they are good aswell :wink: :wink: oh thats me and cpt chubbs… good but cheap :open_mouth:

Calderbank coachpainters in Colne on the Lancs/ Yorks border. You wont find better but not cheap

Martin Williams in Hull and Riverside at Selby have turned out a few nice motors.

Cheers men…

I’ll give Transpaint a bell tomorrow as they’re closest and work outwards from there… do you think they can strip it, blast, paint and re assemble in a week■■? Half term at the end of October looking promising as the rug rats have centre Parks on the mind!

Aye up mate , F&G Commercials will do it. Top lads, got paint shop at Barnsley and Huddersfield. We are Daf dealers as well. Pm me if you want details

They might struggle in a week, last one i had done took 2

Transpaint are unobtainable??

PM sent Mads

Thanks Globby it’s booked in at Transpaint for the full mashings at half term week in October when I shall be about with the wobble box and my big ■■■■■■■■ mirrors!!! :smiley: If it’s a bonzer job, might have the cab re silvered in spring as the laquer is starting to lift now…just a set of Durabrites to replace these Alcoa’s with cos’ I’m sacked off with polishing after 8 years and we’re away!!! :unamused:

Madders just one thing… keep a eye on the job !!! by that i mean popping down to them as Andy does have a habit of putting things back to do other jobs!! so keep on there toes ok… i will be taking another one down to him anyway ion the next cpl of weeks once i get the blowing equip fitted to it…
If you see Andy when you take the unit down just say to him… Daz says… you can do the talk but can you do the walk !!! “prove it”

will do…he better had do it! I’m dropping it on Friday Oct 26th and going on holiday for the week and collecting it the following Saturday for work on Monday - that’s the arrangement!!! :open_mouth: