Public holidays/driving bans tomorrow Italy/France

Im after a bit of Quick info guys. Im parked up near Milan the now for 9 hours and place to run back to the UK via Mont Blanc. Does anyone know if there are any public holidays in either Italy or France (or both) as i’ve been given conflicting info, and if so- am I able to drive through them ? Got a fridge on with Ice-cream in. Thanks in advance

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Afaik, public holiday in most of europe tomorrow, including italy and france. Its one of the most religious days for catholics, (day of the dead).

I managed to get home today.

Im not sure about ice cream, as i thought it was perishables that were exempt, i.e fruit&veg, fresh meat. Not frozen.

Wheres the thermo lads when you need them.

Im parked up on the Polish/Czech boarder due to the ban. Although I can’t say for certain, the only wagons that I’ve seen running in the last few hours are fridges (apart from the one thats pulled in at the side of me!!!)

Frozen is OK in France tomorrow.

“Day of the Dead”. Otherwise known as “All Saints Day”.
The day formerly known as “All Hallowed Day”, which follows the evening of. . .

Anyway next ban in France is Nov 11th for Armistice Day. This year that’s a Saturday. So non exempt trucks will be parked 22hr00 Friday til 22hr00.

Edit. Forecast sunny and 16deg here today. [emoji2]

Edit again. I’m not a Fridge God but I thought as Concretejim said that fresh could move but not frozen? I know a lot of frozen does move and seems “to get away with it” but strictly?

If you’re just parked up for a 9, near Mont blanc, you will be thro and into France, before any ban in Italy, and running thro France with frozen, no problems, just light her up and crack on. … CTIONS.htm

Thanks for the info gents [emoji2] In France , pointing her home [UPWARDS BLACK ARROW]️

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