Private hgv tax and insurance

Hoping for some advice please. I’m hoping this is the correct place to post.

I am the winner of kuda’s big truck giveaway and have finally been told its ready to collect.

I now have to figure out how I’m getting it home.

I’ve tried to do some research, it looks like I can tax it as private use, is that just a case of ticking private use on the tax form?

Does the v5 need to be altered as well?

With the insurance, are there any companies anybody can recommend for private use hgv?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Wow congratulations!
What do you intend to do with it? Surely not private use? Have you got a licence?

Thank you

Yes I have had my licence for 7 years now i think.

I’m hoping to tax and insure it for private use at the moment just so I can get it home. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to start up on my own.

Ideally I would like my boss to buy it off me so I can still drive it for work. But we will see.

For now I just need to figure out how to tax and insure it

What is it plated at :question:
Over 7.5 = eu regs even for private use
Unless an exemption applies

How do I tax a private HGV?
You can tax your vehicle at a Post Office® branch that deals with vehicle tax by using your V5C or green new keeper slip. You may also need to fill in an ‘Application for a vehicle registration certificate’ (V62) if you only have the green slip.

Is this thread any use - … 9#p2279465

What is it plated at :question:

Daf XF super space 44T unit

tax it in the post office as a private hgv, nothing to change on the v5c.

i insure my truck with anthony d evans. always been competative.

you will need to use the tacho and abide by regs unless you have no form of load on the vehicle.

30.Vehicle is no longer used for the carriage of goods and is taxed as a Private HGV … ograph.pdf