Pricing up a job?

Hi all just want to see if there is anyone that can help.

I’m getting my own unit maybe 2 or 3 and as people say get the work before the truck which i have , i put the word around on-line and have had a good response , and I’ve been offered some night work from all four corners of the uk .

a haulage company as ask if i could run back loads into Birmingham from Humberside which is general freight , as well as north west , Wales ,Swindon and so on .this work i just off one company

is there anyone that could tell me what they would charge as a job lot and not a per mile rate , not after your company secrets just don’t want to under pay myself or price myself out of work.

thank you in advance anything would be great just to get me started in pricing work.

you really need to know your costs …
Chap I worked for charged 550 a day based on a shift where the less mileage the better.
you need them costing’s to know if its going to pay

£300 a shift after fuel as a minimum for me

cheers nick & chaversdad ,

i know what your both saying i have to sort them figures out and get my head round them , them sums of you both sound good just need to sit and be certain about the sums .

cheers lads for the quick response anything else you think of please it’s all valuable to me. :smiley:

Be careful with a driver shortage, in some parts, that there’s genuine extra work they can’t fulfil with their own vehicles and it’s not really bring your own lorry would be agency work.

Doing CPC, which is best to have yourself anyway, will do a lot to set you in the right direction regarding pricing jobs.